Steviana Bioscience to Offer Solutions ‘Beyond Sweetness’


Company to highlight new technology and stevia products.

Booth V320

Steviana Bioscience founded in 2016 is now commercializing its global patented extraction, purification and crystallization processes to produce clean tasting stevia products. With its roots from the pharmaceutical industry, Steviana founder Dr. Jian Liu started developing high purity extraction technology for natural pharmaceuticals. Utilizing the basic concepts of the pharma extraction technology, Steviana began to extract the high value Rebaudiosides in stevia leaves for the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

Today Steviana is producing high purity stevia extracts Viána at its new facility in Suzhou, China (just 30 minutes outside Shanghai). The Suzhou facility is producing all the key components of the stevia Leaf and the entire lineup of Viána stevia extracts; Reb A, Reb C, Reb D and the newest patent for the Co-Process of Reb AD95. This novel Co-Process patent for Reb AD yields a desired ratio of Reb A and Reb D which has no bitterness or aftertaste, the company said, the major deterrent in expanding the usage of stevia Reb A in more consumer product launches today.

Viána Reb D is the most sugar-like stevia extract component of the stevia leaf with no bitterness. The sweetener industry has begun the commercialization of Reb D & Reb M into the market. Of these two new stevia extract ingredients, Reb D is being offered as a plant extract and Synbio processed and Reb M via enzyme conversion. With many sensory evaluations, Viána Reb D and Viána Reb AD have excellent sugar like sweetness profiles, no bitterness and no calories to help reduce or eliminate sugar in product formulations.

Steviana will be exhibiting and highlighting their “Beyond Sweetness” new technology and products at IFT17 Booth V320. Featured products will be a Green Tea with Honey and Lemon Flavor beverage highlighting Reb AD95.