Know Brainer and Nestlé Innovation Group Collaborate to Debut Ketogenic Butter Creamers


Ketogenic Creamers made with MCT Oil, Organic Grass-fed butter and collagen.

Know Brainer, ketogenic beverage innovators, have collaborated with Nestlé Innovation Group, through the Terra Food & Ag Tech Accelerator, to launch the first-to-market butter creamers boosted with collagen in a multi-serve format. Know Brainer is on a metabolic health mission to make complicated foods convenient, similar to the original impetus of Henri Nestlé.
Ketogenic Creamers made with MCT Oil + Organic Grass-fed Butter are boosted with Collagen and come in two varieties: Grass-fed milk + cream base [full dairy]; and Almond + coconut milk base [casein + lactose free].
‘Eating Keto’ is one of the hottest science-backed health trends that provides sustained energy to power the muscles, metabolism and mind by consuming healthy fats, not sugar. Research shows consuming healthy, nutrient dense fats (such as: medium chain triglycerides, clarified butter and omega fatty acids) first thing in the morning supports the natural metabolic state of ketosis where they body burns fat to fuel the brain and muscles with sustained energy thus providing health benefits such as: increased and sustained metabolic energy, improved focus, mental clarity, concentration, and satiety.
“We are not changing any habits; we are making habits healthier and more efficient,” said Know Brainer founder Shari Leidich.
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The Know Brainer recipe has zero sugar added and is purely ketogenic to burn fats, not carbohydrates, to deliver sustained mental clarity, weight management + metabolic energy for hours. Flavors include: Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Mocha, Original and … FODMAP approved Casein & Lactose Free Hazelnut, Vanilla Bean and Mocha.