Designer Protein Launches Totally Egg, Unique Egg Protein Powder


Product provides vital nutrients of both egg white and yolk protein without all the fat, cholesterol and calories.

Designer Protein has launched Totally Egg, the first egg protein powder to contain the essential nutrients of both egg whites and yolk. This new protein powder will be available online and in select retailers following its first appearance at Natural Products ExpoWest. Designer Protein’s Totally Egg comes in two flavors: Classic Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate, and will be available in 12.4oz re-sealable stand up pouches.
“True to form, Designer Protein’s Totally Egg is innovating the industry as the first protein of its kind,” said Shawn Sherwood, VP of Research & Development of Designer Protein. “Eggs have been considered by many to be a “gold standard” protein source for years. In creating Totally Egg, we are satisfying the consumer’s need for quality protein with clean ingredients, high protein levels and low caloric content. Totally Egg is a necessary addition to the market because it contains the vital benefits of egg yolk that cannot be found in any other protein powder.” 
Totally Egg contains the goodness of egg whites and yolks without all of the fat, cholesterol and calories. A serving of Totally Egg provides 24 grams of natural egg white and yoke protein, but contains 50 percent less calories, 93 percent less fat and 98 percent less cholesterol than 3 regular eggs. It contains nutrients like naturally occurring phospholipids, which are not present in egg whites. Phospholipids, specifically Phosphatidyl Choline and Phosphatidyl Serine, are critical to maintenance of all cellular function. These key nutrients benefit brain function, bone formation, cell repair and more. Totally Egg is also easily digestible and rich in B vitamins that support energy and metabolism by converting protein, fats and carbs into energy. Totally Egg is paleo-friendly, which is not the case with whey, soy or soy-free protein supplements.
Designer Protein’s mission is to create protein solutions that make a positive difference in people’s lives. A leader in the protein supplement market, Designer Protein was one of the first companies to create protein specifically for the female body, one of the first to remove artificial ingredients, one of the first to offer gluten-free and kosher protein products and now the first to create a protein that contains the benefits of both egg white and yolk.