Panel Discussion to Cover ‘Consumer-Driven Innovations in Meat’


Experts to address how quality beef and plant-based meat fit into diets that are better for consumers and the environment.

Consumers today want to enjoy the eating experience but also want what’s right from health, environmental and social perspectives. A few unique companies have innovated to meet these demands. On the surface, they're starkly different. But underneath, they're not so different after all. Pre Brands specializes in high-quality beef, Beyond Meat creates plant-based proteins that deliver on the taste, texture and appearance people crave, and Crowd Cow is helping to bridge the gap between consumers and meat from independent farms.
Pre Brands is bringing together a panel of experts including the founders and CEOs of these top innovators and retail consumer insights specialists to discuss the revolution that's taking place on dinner plates.
In a world where consumers are increasingly curious and critical of the foods they eat, particularly in the retail's largest category, only truly innovative and consumer-driven companies will prevail. At a session titled “What's Your Beef? Consumer-Driven Innovations in Meat,” these experts will show Expo West attendees exactly how.
Panelists will look past they're surface-level differences and delve into key topics, of great importance to today's consumer, including how high-quality, 100% grass fed beef and plant-based meat fit into diets that are better for you and better for the environment. They'll share their visions for the industry and evolving business models, showcasing how food companies can revolutionize existing markets by meeting unfulfilled consumer needs. And from the broadest perspective, these experts will enlighten audience members with a more comprehensive definition of what it means to be a plant-based, ethical and epicurean omnivore.
Join the discussion Saturday, March 10 at 9:30 am, Marriott, Platinum Ballroom 4. “What's Your Beef? Consumer-Driven Innovations in Meat” is a panel discussion led by Lenny Lebovich, founder and CEO of Pre Brands, Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, Joe Heitzeberg, founder & CEO of Crowd Cow, and Anu Goel, EVP of client growth solutions at SPINS.