Bioforce USA Celebrating 20th Anniversary


Company has brought trusted European natural brands to the U.S. market for over two decades.

Booth 2817
Bioforce USA will celebrate its 20th Anniversary at Natural Products Expo West. The company’s headquarters are located in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, with brand marketing offices at E. 57th Street and Lexington Ave. in Manhattan. 
Bioforce USA, founded by natural products Industry veteran Paul Ross in 1998, has grown as a family-owned company over the past two decades to become the home to Europe’s most trusted natural brands in personal care, beauty, and natural medicines, including—Herbatint permanent natural hair coloring and a certified B Corp (Italy); A. Vogel natural medicines including the most extensively researched Echinacea in the world (Switzerland); Annemarie Borlind natural cosmetics pioneer and a Certified Sustainable Enterprise company (Black Forest, Germany); as well as BionoricaSanhelios, and Secure.  
“The Bioforce USA brands have deep roots in our industry,” said CEO Pierce Sioussat.  “Our overarching mission has always been to bring new natural solutions to our customers, and for that we seek brands that have both innovation and authenticity as part of their DNA. All of these companies are family-owned, underscoring the importance of harmony and togetherness as the raison d’etre for our being in business.”   
Heart-Centered Initiatives
According to Mr. Sioussat, Bioforce USA is first and foremost “a company with a heart,” as represented by its beautiful interwoven, organic heart-shaped corporate logo. “All of our cultural, educational, and environmental initiatives are structured to make our community and the world a better place,” he explained. To that end, Bioforce USA annually contributes 10% of net profits to socially responsible initiatives including local food banks, youth after-school programs, students with learning differences, rural cultural institutions, economic development foundations, healthcare institutions, and programs addressing the opioid crisis, to name a few. 
Replacing minimum wage with a living wage standard
Employees at Bioforce USA are an important part of the company and the community. Therefore, it’s abandoned the minimum wage standard and instituted a living wage standard. “We believe that income inequality can be addressed through compensation policies that still provide for substantial rewards for top innovative performers without doing so at the expense of others in the company,” said Mr. Sioussat. “We are committed to an equal pay standard regardless of age, race, gender or any other factors that are unrelated to performance. As such, four of our top five wage earners are women.” 
In its commitment to the environment, the company has converted the lighting in its facility to LED, cutting its energy use in half. “We’re enrolled in our power company’s green energy program which ensures that 100% of our power comes from renewable sources, removing 3,572 pounds of pollutants from the atmosphere every month,” said Mr. Sioussat. “Clean air, clean soil and clean water are necessary to produce the products we sell and we therefore feel a heightened obligation to do our part to keep it that way.”  
Mission-driven partners 
“With all of that said, we would not be able to do the things we do without our manufacturing and retail partners sharing a commitment to the same goals. We choose which brands we represent based mainly on these factors and we are confident that our retailers do the same when deciding which products to carry on their shelves and recommend to their customers,” explained Mr. Sioussat. Join Bioforce USA’s 20th Anniversary celebrations at Booth 2817.