Artemis Hopes to Build Understanding of Flavonoids


Elderberry primed to be immune support star.

Booth 3194
Artemis International, a leader in superberry based extracts such as elderberry, aroniaberry and cranberry, has enjoyed a surge in interest in elderberry for cold and flu due to the flurry of media attention in recent months as an alternative to the Tamiflu-pharma approaches.
This situation will likely result in elderberry being lifted to a significantly higher plateau of recognition and use in the immunity, cold and flu arena and drive new product and formulas using elderberry, the company said.
On top of this, Artemis recently released news about elderberry and its potential prebiotic effect. The company will be discussing more at Engredea Booth 3194.
Artemis is focusing new attention on its branded line of Berryceuticals and The Power of Flavonoids as it markets its line of berry-based nutraceutical ingredients. Flavonoids, particularly the anthocyanins, are the “principal players” in the bioactives world that drive the potential end health benefits associated with the Berryceuticals ingredient line. Artemis intends on bringing “The Fabulous Flavonoids” to a much higher level of interest, understanding, and use in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement business.