Blue Pacific Flavors Launches Mission-Driven Ingredient Sourcing


Company helps brands tell authentic ingredient stories through their products labels.

Blue Pacific Flavors has revealed its mission-based supply chain of sourced ingredients that create positive impacts on the local communities where they are grown. Kaibae Baobab and SimplySpice Cochin Turmeric are the first two products in Blue Pacific's mission-based product portfolio.

Baobab has a naturally sweet and tangy taste and is high in antioxidants and prebiotic properties. Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Powder is sourced directly from a network of local growers and wild-harvesters to create socio-economic opportunities for rural communities in Africa. Kaibae's direct work with communities protects the environment and improves livelihoods, including providing income generation at times of the year traditionally seen as lean, or hungry, periods, the company said.

Blue Pacific featured Kaibae Baobab in two formulations at Engredea:

Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Vegetable Drink is a mixture of carrots, apple, lemon, lime, orange and beet juices—sweetened with agave and featuring Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Powder with Farm Stand Whole Fruit Cucumber and Tangerine flavors. 

Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Mango Peach Gelato is a non-dairy soft-serve dessert featuring Farm Stand Whole Fruit Mango Peach and Apricot flavors with 2% Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Powder. 

SimplySpice Cochin Turmeric is water-dispersible to more easily deliver its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits in beverages. Its direct sourcing from harvesters in India, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam create economic opportunities for the local rural communities.

Blue Pacific sampled SimplySpice Cochin Turmeric Ginger Tea made with SimplySpice water-dispersible turmeric and sweetened with sugar.

"The concerned natural and organic consumer wants clean label ingredients with an authentic story that connects to their ethical and sustainable values," said Blue Pacific Flavors CEO Donald Wilkes. "We help companies of all sizes align their supply chains with those needs and believe every label is a chance to tell that story."

Blue Pacific continues to develop its Farm Stand Whole Fruit flavor portfolio of natural, organic compliant and plant-based flavors and ingredients. Farm Stand Whole Fruit flavors use named whole fruit extracts as the largest ingredient by weight in the natural flavor. The flavors are free from traditional chemical solvents and are applicable for clean-label finished products.