Savesta LifeSciences Debuts High Potency, Organic, Wildcraft Supplements


New additions include Boswellia Plus for bone and joint support and Turmeric.

Booth 2185

Savesta LifeSciences Inc., Chatsworth, CA, will be showcasing its line of organic/wildcraft herbal supplements at the Expo West Booth 2185. New additions to the company’s product portfolio include Boswellia Plus for bone and joint support and Turmeric, which helps maintain joint health and range of motion. Savesta’s philosophy combines the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, with advanced phytotechnology and Western knowledge to create its supplements. Savesta sources the purest and most potent ingredients available in nature and formulates them in the U.S.  

Savesta’s product line consists of 15 high quality supplements that are rigorously tested to ensure that only the most desired plant compounds are included while heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins are screened out. The result is pure, potent and effective herbal solutions, the company said. “We test and retest to make sure we are providing the highest quality supplements,” said William Smart, president/CEO and 30-year industry veteran. “This includes sourcing the best ingredients while also searching for new raw botanicals to bring to the marketplace, with the goal being high purity, high potency.”

In addition to recent reformulation of its products, Savesta has relabeled and repackaged to improve consumer understanding of each product. The goal was to clearly communicate the purpose of the product first, with the ingredient being secondary. “Our goal was to help the consumer clearly identify the remedy for their ailment,” Mr. Smart said. “This is not something that is commonplace in this industry and we wanted to make the consumer purchasing decision easier.”

Savesta products include:
Ashwagandha – Stress, Stamina & Brain Function
Boswellia – Joint & Respiratory Function
Boswellia Plus -Bone & Joint Support
Gymnema – The Sugar Destroyer
Mangosteen -Superior Antioxidant
Organic Garcinia – Healthy Weight Management
Organic Moringa – Natural Vitamins & Minerals, Superior Antioxidant
SeeWell ™ - Visual Health Performance
Shatavari – Phytoestrogenic Herb for Women
ThinkWell ™ - Healthy Brain Function
Tribulus – Men’s Rejuvenation and Vitality
Triphala – Detoxification and Digestion
Triphalax –  Gentle Herbal Laxative
Turmeric – Healthy Joint Support
WinterWell –  Immune & Respiratory System Support