Capsugel Puts Fresh Face on In-Stock Capsule Program


Features speak to five hot supplement markets.

Booth 633
Capsugel has expanded its In-Stock Capsule Program with five ready-to-deliver “kits” featuring exciting colors, clean label polymers, graphics, advanced technologies and brand appeal tailored to five high-growth market segments. 
“With the ability to process and ship orders, sometimes within one business day, this program can help customers realize an ideal personality for their products while achieving speed-to-market turnaround in today’s competitive and fast growing market segments,” said Missy Lowery, senior marketing manager, Capsugel.   
For the clean label market, Capsugel has introduced a “global clean label gelatin,” a bovine gelatin free from synthetic excipients that meets all global customs and regulatory standards. This segment also can be served with fish gelatin OceanCaps capsules and four vegetarian capsules: Vcaps and VcapsPlus capsules for moisture-sensitive ingredients, pullulan Plantcaps capsule with oxygen barrier properties—all of which are verified by the Non GMO Project—and DRcaps capsules for acid-sensitive ingredients and non-GMO based on internal standardized testing. This portfolio can be used for liquid and powder ingredients and is offered in clear capsules to appeal to the simple and pure needs of the clean label consumer. 
For the active/sports nutrition segment—one of the fastest growing in the industry with consumers drawn to supplements that enhance endurance, energy, muscle/joint health, and recovery—Capsugel offers gelatin capsules in energizing colors that are powerful, assertive, and lively such as yellow, black, red, green, and terra cotta.
The healthy aging, active-living market—a large and ever-growing segment as Baby Boomers move the clock forward—looks for ingredients that help with sleep and the health of the brain, muscles, joints, and eyes. Capsules in this kit come in vegetarian varieties and the gelatin easy-to-open Coni-Snap sprinkle technology, and are available in colors that affect a desire for rest, tenacity, and strength such as moss, blue-grey, olive, mauve, brown, and mustard.
The women’s health market gravitates toward products that address stress, skin health, reproductive health, and weight management. For these supplements, capsules are gelatin and Plantcaps pullulan capsules and come in natural, opaque and pearlized colorants of hues that are relaxing, intimate, vital, fresh, and zesty such as lime, hot pink, bright orange, mint green, sky blue, and lilac.
A fifth segment responds to the power of branding and unique messaging essential to very specific consumer markets. This “Make Your Mark Kit” presents the service of printing graphics on in-stock capsules more quickly than via customized capsules. The graphics can be identifiable logos and symbols that speak to specific audiences. Color choices are bright, distinctive, and clear and include strong, deep hues of blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink. 
All in-stock capsule orders are available in popular capsule sizes and flexible order quantities as low as one carton. All capsules are also approved for dietary supplements in the U.S. and Canada.  
“The expansion of our in-stock capsule program gives new meaning to putting a fresh face on competitive branding and market differentiation for our customers,” said Ms. Lowery. For a full set of new in-stock color kits, stop by Booth 633 at Engredea or contact