Amazing Grass Debuts Functional Elixir and Effervescent Lines


Company launches fresh fusions of alkalizing greens and functional ingredients in novel formats.

Amazing Grass, a leading brand of plant-based, whole-food powdered supplements and nutrition bars, will debut two innovative new product lines, Elixirs and Green Superfood Effervescent, at Natural Products Expo West Booth 3120. Both Amazing Grass Elixirs and Effervescent are designed to provide functional nutrition by fusing the power of greens with the highest quality plant-based ingredients and herbs in forms that are delicious and simple to enjoy. Each product line begins shipping to retailers nationwide in June.
Amazing Grass Elixirs, available in Beauty, Brain and Belly blends, are a breakthrough line of USDA Organic Certified powders which are crafted with fermented greens and adaptogenic herbs, plus pioneering functional ingredients specifically designed to support key wellness needs around aging, cognitive and gut health. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Effervescent is a refreshing, dissolvable tablet created with the brand’s organic alkalizing greens blend designed to provide an invigorating dose of greens, clean energy and help support immunity.
“Nearly half of consumers are not drinking enough water due to lack of flavor, and most also fail to get the daily recommended serving of greens,” said Ryan Therriault, vice president of marketing and innovation at Amazing Grass. “We are also seeing trending ingredients like turmeric and moringa bringing broader awareness to the benefits of adaptogenic herbs and ancient Aryuvedic medicine. We developed Elixirs and Effervescent with modern consumers in mind—people who are proactive about health and looking to address their needs through foods and supplements that are of the highest quality, yet convenient and easy to incorporate into their busy lives. These new delivery formats combined with cutting-edge wellness ingredients are game-changers, as they provide benefits ranging from servings of greens and veggies to help with mental clarity and focus, gut health and even healthier skin, in a flavor-packed scoop or tab.”
Amazing Grass Elixirs add a nutrient-packed boost to any drink or smoothie with alkalizing greens grown on Amazing Grass’ family farm in Kansas, including fermented wheat grass, alfalfa and barley, which are combined with six stress reducing adaptogenic herbs, like moringa leaf, ashwagandha, reishi, cordyceps, schisandra and Mucuna. Fermenting the grasses aids in pre-digestion while offering superior bioavailability. Amazing Grass Elixirs are available in both 20 serving canisters for $29.99 and single-serve packets for $2.19. They can be conveniently enjoyed by simply adding to water, juice, milk or as a boost to favorite smoothies and other recipes. Amazing Grass Elixirs are available in three distinct functions each crafted with its own unique blend: 
Beauty—for a radiant glow from within, this plant-based powder contains chaga, hibiscus flower, Indian gooseberry (amla fruit), aloe vera, maqui, yumberry, camu camu, lucuma and blueberry juice with 100% DV plant-based biotin to support radiant skin, nails and hair.

Brain—to support mental clarity and focus, this Elixir is crafted with matcha green tea, lion’s mane, chocamine, bacopa and maca along with lemon balm, sage and turmeric.

Belly—to help provide soothing digestive support and aid gut health, this blend contains the synergistic effect of 1 billion probiotics with Actazin Kiwi, turmeric, holy basil, yacon, and astragalus alongside warming spices like ginger, peppermint and cardamom. 
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Effervescent is the most convenient way to get a daily dose of greens in a refreshing, fizzy tablet. Crafted with the brand’s alkalizing greens blend, including wheat grass, barley, alfalfa, spirulina and chlorella, plus an antioxidant blend of more than 30 superfoods. These revitalizing tablets provides the antioxidant equivalent of one full serving of greens and veggies, while helping to naturally energize and support immunity. Each no-fuss tab delivers 100 percent daily value of vitamins, C, E, B-1 and B-12 with less than one gram of sugar. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Effervescent is available in two refreshing flavors, Lemon-Lime and Berry, and is sold in convenient, travel-friendly tubes with 10 tablets each. SRP is $7.99 per tube.
Amazing Grass products are available nationwide at major natural food retailers, including Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe, Target, GNC, Sprouts, and online at, and more.