Manufacturers Discover Unique Probiotic Formulations


Ganeden’s probiotic technologies enable expansion in food, beverage and skin care.

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The growth of the probiotic market shows no signs of slowing, and companies are now finding new and unique formulation ideas with the help of Ganeden (Booth 435). The international supplier has utilized the scientific backing and durability of its probiotic and probiotic-derived ingredients to aid manufacturers worldwide in expanding product offerings into endless new categories—from sauerkraut chips and nutrition bars to vinegars and quinoa infant cereals. Ganeden’s partners have ramped up for the upcoming year with more than 125 new launches, many of which can be seen at Natural Products Expo West.

Probiotics have continuously been deemed a top trend throughout recent years with massive expansion into new categories thanks to leading ingredients like GanedenBC30 and Bonicel. Exclusive to Ganeden, both ingredients have proven durability, efficacy and easy formulation in a variety of applications, making them top choices in foods and beverages (GanedenBC30), companion animal products (GanedenBC30), and personal care products (Bonicel). These ingredients are allowing probiotics to be featured in everyday products, and companies are now turning their focus into developing additional unique launches that stand out in the category.

“Functional ingredients, specifically probiotics, have become a staple in products—something that consumers are now expecting to see,” said Michael Bush, president of Ganeden. “This demand has been driven in large part by GanedenBC30 and Bonicel opening up formulation options that were never possible before, and manufacturers are taking full advantage of the opportunity by creating hundreds of new products. We knew we found something special with these ingredients, but we never anticipated the immense growth and overall movement they would cause in the food, beverage and personal care categories.”

The new launches bring the total number of products utilizing Ganeden ingredients to more than 700 worldwide, with the largest increase in launches falling in the beverage, snack/bar, protein powder and meal replacement categories:

Beverages and Shots
Boasting double-digit growth, functional beverages continues to be one of the top categories and beverage companies are taking notice. New product launches using GanedenBC30 can be found in juices, waters, teas, vinegars and milks.

Snacks and Bars
Snack food sales continue to increase, and consumers are more than 40% more likely to purchase a snack or bar if it adds a health benefit. Food and beverage manufacturers are responding with probiotic chips, popcorn, fruit snacks and bars.

Powders and Mixes
On-the-go products are all the rage and GanedenBC30 continues to expand into protein powders and drink mixes with launches from a variety of protein and beverage companies.

Consumers who love the idea of getting health benefits while indulging in sweets now have new options with the launches of GanedenBC30 fortified lollipops and chocolates.

The probiotic trend expands past the U.S., with an increased number of probiotic food and beverage launches in more than 50 countries. Recent GanedenBC30 probiotic product launches can be found in Canada, Mexico and Australia with products including juices, kombuchas, cold-pressed drinks, smoothies and bars.

Personal Care
Ganeden’s probiotic-derived Bonicel ingredient has allowed manufacturers to provide anti-aging benefits in new topical anti-aging beauty products such as serums and creams.

Coming Soon
While not officially on the market yet, many food and beverage manufacturers will use Expo West as a soft launch for their probiotic products, including peanut butters, oatmeal, kids snacks, bars, shots and fruit.