innoVactiv Launches Beauty-From-Within Line of Ingredients


MYOCERAM plant-based ceramides can benefit skin health from within.

Booth 765

innoVactiv, a Canadian company dedicated to the development of science-based specialty ingredients, has launched MYOCERAM, a new line of clinically-tested beauty-from-within ingredients containing high-purity and high potency plant ceramides. The MYOCERAM product line will be showcased at Engredea Booth 765.

MYOCERAM is the result of many years of extensive research and development by Nippon Flour Mills Co. Ltd. (NIPPN), a 120-year-old public Japanese company engaged in a wide range of food businesses including flour milling, food ingredients, processed and frozen foods, health foods as well as pet foods. Building on its tradition of excellence in grain milling, NIPPN scientists had been focusing their long-time research on plant-based ceramides, which ultimately yielded high-purity ceramides derived from rice and corn. Following these discoveries, NIPPN established multiple research partnerships to demonstrate their efficacy in improving skin conditions which has led to the commercialization of these innovative plant-based ceramides under the tradename MYOCERAM.

Although beauty-from-within supplements are a staple in Asia, this market is still set to boom in North America. “Skin is our body’s largest organ. Yet how nutrition affects our skin is a research field that has been overlooked for many years. When taken orally at a convenient low dosage, MYOCERAM boosts the expression of enzymes responsible for endogenous ceramide production within the skin itself. These new ceramides can then incorporate lamellar bodies between each cell to strengthen the outermost corneous skin layer, just as they would through our normal skin physiology,” said Jocelyn Bérubé, executive & scientific director, Health & Nutrition of innoVactiv.

“We are pleased to enter into this partnership with innoVactiv, allowing us to extend the commercial coverage of MYOCERAMTM to North America. Since its development, MYOCERAM has been incorporated into dozens of supplements and foods in Japan and has been saluted for its high purity and lower daily dosage compared to other available plant ceramides,” said Mr. Ko Murai, associate director and general manager of Health Care Business Division at NIPPN.

“We are proud to partner with NIPPN, a strong and reputable company. Their focus on quality and service is perfectly lined-up with our own corporate values. Furthermore, cosmetics and dietary ingredients are the two main pillars on which innoVactiv was founded, and the integration of MYOCERAM into our portfolio is thus a natural extension of our core strengths in these two areas,” said Patrice Dionne, CEO of innoVactiv.

Manufacturers interested in learning more about MYOCERAM are invited to visit innoVactiv’s Booth 765.