Aker BioMarine to Test Omega-3 Levels


Learn more about the Omega-3 Index Project at Booth 775.

Booth 775

Visit Aker BioMarine’s Booth 775 onsite at Engredea/ Natural Products ExpoWest to learn more about the newly launched Omega-3 Index Project and to get your levels tested onsite with Dr. Harris, an internationally recognized omega-3 expert and co-inventor of the Omega-3 Index Test.

Omega-3 deficiency is a global issue that puts people at higher risk of chronic disease. Education on this topic is essential, and that is why Aker BioMarine is rolling out The Omega-3 Index Project to explain the ramifications of omega-3 EPA/DHA insufficiency and ways to help bring positive change.

Created in collaboration with Dr. Bill Harris, The Omega-3 Index Project provides tools that will help consumers and practitioners alike, identify, correct and maintain healthy levels of omega-3s EPA/DHA while reducing the risk of chronic disease. The project gives everyone the ability to measure their omega-3 levels using the Omega-3 Index Test, a nutritional tool used to assess cardiovascular and overall health. After a successful launch in Australia, the team is making waves in the U.S. market and is excited to share this project with show attendees in Anaheim. Learn more about the project here:

Visit Aker BioMarine’s Booth 775 to:
  • Get your Omega-3 EPA/DHA levels tested with Dr. Bill Harris and learn more about The Omega-3 Index Project. Testing will take place all three days of the show.
  • Hear more about Aker’s newest products—Superba 2 and Superba Boost and how they can inspire product launches and line extensions.
  • Learn more about a clinical trial the company is running with the U.S. Army Rangers and what’s planned for the future.