Weller Launches Sparkling Immunity, its First Non-CBD Product


The company specializes in sparkling water containing CBD and micronutrients.

At the end of September, sparkling CBD water company Weller will launch its first non-CBD product, called Sparkling Immunity, a functional beverage containing elderberry, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, formulated for daily immune support on the go.
Weller reports that consumers have shown they are interested in immune-boosting products that move beyond the traditional ones seen in the cold and flu aisle. The non-CBD sparkling water contains elderberry juice, vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, and magnesium, with only 10 calories.
“The most valuable learning for us came from the utmost disruptive period of the pandemic, from March to May,” John Simmons, co-founder of Weller, said. “For that 12-week period, we were the number one CBD food and beverage brand and the second-fastest growing brand out of the top 20 CBD brands in the category. Our growth during this uncertain time shows that Weller has a tremendous amount of brand equity and is becoming synonymous with trusted and delicious wellness beverages.”
There will be three flavors of the beverages, in which elderberry is the main ingredient, and secondary flabors include peach, strawberry, and lemon-lime provide variety within the product line.
“When developing a new line, we decided to create something we truly felt tasted great and would resonate with consumers’ palates,” Simmons continued. “New iterations of our consumers’ favorites are just the start and we look forward to an even greater year of growth for the brand.”
Weller reports that they will launch the new product within their existing footprint of 1,500 retailers across the U.S. in 25 states and online.
“The strategic advantage to the brand is activating our incredible brokers and sales teams who can place these products with retailers that haven’t adopted CBD beverages yet,” Megan Siegel Jansen, Weller’s VP of sales, said. “We have amazing velocities across channels and are in a great position to leverage our brand equity with another timely wellness solution for consumers.”
The national launch is supported by Weller’s brokerage partner, Presence Marketing, and sales teams, Critical Mass Group and Boost Marketing. In conjunction with the launch of the product, Weller will donate beverages to frontline workers and organizations they have supported since the beginning of the pandemic. These partners include Community Food Share, Conscious Alliance, Frontline Friends, Metro Caring, north Colorado Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, UC Health Hospital in Colorado, and Waterfall Beverages.