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Sabinsa Corporation

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Lesaffre Human Care

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7475 W. Main St.
Milwaukee, WI 53214
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      Transforming Health with Nature’s Sunshine

      Transforming Health with Nature’s Sunshine

      With a long history in the supplement market, Nature’s Sunshine remains committed to quality and innovation.
      By Sean Moloughney, Editor 06.02.17

    • Healthcare Trends | Herbs & Botanicals
      Connecting People Through Plants

      Connecting People Through Plants

      With a long history of cultural use, botanicals have helped define humanity’s relationship with nature.
      By Steven Dentali, PhD, Botanical Sciences Consultant 06.02.17

    • Breaking News | Cognitive Function | Omega-3s | Research | Research News

      Omega-3s Show Benefit for Memory & Cognition

      Correlation found between omega-3 levels and increased blood flow in brain regions associated with memory/learning.

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      Study Shows Curcumin Benefits Bone Density

      First human pilot study reveals positive effects of Meriva in bone health.

    • Breaking News | Marine Nutraceuticals | Omega-3s | Supplier News

      Qualitas Health Enters Production Partnership

      Company signs a long-term agreement to triple algae production.

    • Lesaffre to Highlight Ingredients for Women’s Health

      Company offers product range backed by strong science.

    • Proteins, Peptides, Amino Acids | Supplier News

      Lesaffre Human Care Launches Yeast Protein Line

      Lynside ProteYn provides nutritional support for those interested in non-animal sources of protein.

    • Dietary Supplements | Healthcare Trends | Medical Nutrition | Omega-3s | Probiotics & Prebiotics | Proteins, Peptides, Amino Acids | Regulations
      Challenges for Nutritional  Products in Healthcare Facilities

      Challenges for Nutritional Products in Healthcare Facilities

      Marketing medical products to institutions is much different than targeting retailers or consumers.
      Gregory Stephens, Windrose Partners 11.01.16

    • Lesaffre Human Care to Introduce LifeinU Bacillus subtilis CU1

      The company will focus on immune health with the introduction of its highly stable probiotic.

    • Digestive Health | Immune Function | Supplier News

      Lesaffre Debuts New Probiotic Range

      Clinically supported strains offer health benefits for a spectrum of consumers.

    • Lesaffre Human Care Spotlights Immune Health

      Company introducing LifeinU Bacillus subtilis CU1 and LifeinU LRGG Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.

    • Breaking News | Dietary Supplements | Healthy Aging | Immune Function | Research | Research News | Vitamins

      Zinc Supplement Elevates Serum Zinc Levels and Immunity in Elderly

      Researchers reported a positive correlation between serum zinc levels and the number and function of T-cells.

    • Consumer Trends | Dietary Supplements | Healthcare Trends | Medical Nutrition | Quality & Safety
      Dynamic Changes in the Health Practitioner Channel

      Dynamic Changes in the Health Practitioner Channel

      Significant opportunities are emerging to expand the targeted customer base to more allopathic MDs.
      Gregory Stephens, RD, Windrose Partners 06.01.15

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      Nutritional Products in Healthcare Institutions

      Nutritional Products in Healthcare Institutions

      Hospitals, nursing homes and home care represent untapped opportunities for dietary supplements.
      Gregory Stephens, RD, Windrose Partners 06.02.14

    • Supplier News

      Lynside Pro GI+ Probiotic Yeast

      Lesaffre Human Care has added Lynside Pro GI+ probiotic yeast to its range of nutritional yeasts. The ingredient is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that acts to target intestinal discomfort. It was selected among 6000 proprietary strains and has bee…

    • Job Market Healthy for Nutritionists

      Are you tired of the 9-to-5 routine? Have you lost your passion in the workplace? Consider exploring a new career in the ever-changing field of nutrition. If you are a person who is passionate about overall wellness and have the desire to help others…