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Jiaherb Inc.

Company Headquarters

1 Chapin Road, Unit 1
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
United States

Company Description

Jiaherb Inc.

Phone: 973-439-6869
Fax: 973-439-6879

U.S. Headquarters
1 Chapin Road, Unit 1
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

West Coast Office
1204 N. Miller Street, Suite D
Anaheim, CA 92806

World Headquarters
Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co., Ltd.
No. 45 Heping Industrial Park
Hongguang Road
Xi’an, China

Mission Statement:
JIAHERB was founded on the simple principle of providing the highest quality ingredients backed by superior customer service and competitive pricing. We are committed to offering our customers peace of mind through stringent quality control, perpetual inventory and complete regulatory documentation of all our products. We strive to develop new products in partnership with our clients and introduce more companies to the benefits of working with a large-capacity NSF-GMP certified supplier.

Company Description
JIAHERB Inc., the largest manufacturer from China, has distinguished itself from other ingredient suppliers as a company with the unique ability to capacitate massive projects involving high quality extracts. Since arriving in the U.S. in early 2008, the company has expanded its sales and support staff to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction and increased options for product development. Offering more than 600 Natural ingredients to the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food & Beverage Industries, JIAHERB aims to let customers feel secure in their purchases through perpetual inventory and full documentation to support strict GMP regulations.
  JIAHERB raises the bar in the ever-changing supplier industry by collaborating with companies that desire more stable prices and products backed by strong research and quality testing. Our technology and proud service means superior product develop-ment for our customers!

Featured Products
Spices, Fruit Juice & Vegetable Powders

Full USDA Organic Product Line

Ginkgo USP 39
• Ginkgo Leaf Extract the meets the newest USP 39 standards

• High-Purity, Peak-X Free 5-HTP, 100% Water Soluble

• Powder, 4:1, and up to 2.6% Macamides + Macaenes

• 4:1, 50%, & 60% HCA

• Emodin-Free Natural Trans-Resveratrol

• Milk Thistle Extract with Up to 57% HPLC
• Low Solvent Residue

Q-Di 95™
• Quercitin Dihydrate with High Tap Density

• Up to 98% Icariin

• Value-added Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Saw Palmetto Pure™
• Specifications extracts ranging from 25% to 45% fatty acids and oil of 85% fatty acids

• Low Pesticides, Innocent Ginseng Product Line

• Try The True European Bilberry from JIAHERB

• Highest Potency Tribulus Extract

HTPurity (5-HTP)
BeanGreen (Green Coffee Bean)
ReserveNature (Resveratrol)
ThistleMarin (Milk Thistle)
Q-Di 95 (Quercitin)
InnoSeng (Ginseng)
TTT-Bilberry (European)

International Buyers' Guide

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