Buyers' Guide

Our International Buyers’ Guide contains information on suppliers of ingredients, machinery/equipment and packaging materials, as well as contract services. It also includes listings for associations and consultants, with detailed contact information for all companies.

Looking for quality vitamins from a supplier you can trust? You’ve come to the right place. Grouped by individual vitamin categories, below you’ll find a comprehensive listing of companies to choose from, including those spotlighted at the top of each category.

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From boron to zinc, minerals play an important role in dietary supplements and functional foods. Browse by category to find a supplier who can help enhance your products.

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Herbs & Botanicals
One of our largest ingredient categories, the list of herbs and botanicals to choose from keeps growing. Here you’ll find the most popular and the up-and-coming, along with a comprehensive list of suppliers for each ingredient.

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Specialty Ingredients
If you're looking for probiotics, fibers, omega 3s or a variety of other nutraceuticals, this category provides a range of potential ingredients that can give your product an edge, along with a list of suppliers to get you going.

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Machinery / Equipment
The list below will provide you with various types of equipment you may need in the manufacturing process. Click on a specific item for a list of companies that supply the machinery you need.

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Packaging Materials
Find a company to meet your packaging needs using the category list below.

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Contract Services
Arranged by service type—from private label manufacturing to research and testing services—the categories below will help you find a contract service provider skilled in that specialized field.

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Trade Associations
The associations below have their finger on the pulse of the industry. They're in business to help your business.

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Looking for fresh ideas from skilled professionals? Choose from the consultants below to refine, revise or realize your business plan.

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All Companies
Browse our comprehensive list of more than 400 industry companies, which includes suppliers of ingredients and contract services, along with associations and consultants.

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