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Published October 2, 2013
AHPA reviews how federal agencies are dealing with the shutdown and how it could affect the herbal industry. Read More »
Published October 1, 2013
Results of a cross-over clinical evaluation showed that ChromaDex Corp’s PURENERGY caffeine alternative—a patented co-crystal ingredient comprised of caffeine and pTeroPure pterostilbene, a potent antioxidant found in blueberries—al… Read More »
Published October 1, 2013
Article suggested FDA needs product registration authority to prevent already-illegal products from entering the U.S. Read More »
Testing Trends & Takeaways
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published October 1, 2013
Is the nutraceuticals industry passing its most critical assessments and how can companies improve? Read More »
Product Liability Insurance Basics: An Update
By Greg Doherty, Poms & Associates
Published October 1, 2013
Here are some important tips to ensuring your company gets the best coverage. Read More »
Monsanto Takes Healthcare Conference Out for a ‘Spin’
By Erik Goldman, co-founder and editor, Holistic Primary Care
Published October 1, 2013
A few months ago I received a master class in how the Big Boys play the spin game. Read More »
Published October 1, 2013
Choline is an essential nutrient that is made naturally in the body as well as eaten in the diet. Read More »
Published September 25, 2013
Only third-party verification in North American designed to meet increasing demand for trusted label. Read More »
CRN Consumer Survey Finds Two-thirds of Adults Take Supplements
Published September 20, 2013
At 85%, the vast majority of U.S. adults stand confident in the safety, quality and effectiveness of dietary supplements. Read More »
Published September 19, 2013
Included in the HerbalGram article is a table of seven basic tips for selecting a contract laboratory, as well as a number of warning signs of potential dry labs. Read More »
Published September 19, 2013
However, three of the resveratrol supplements failed by containing less of the ingredient than claimed, failing to break apart properly in disintegration testing, or by lacking a proper description of the plant source of the resveratrol. Read More »
Published September 12, 2013
Albion Human Nutrition, Clearfield, UT, has added two self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients to its existing line of patented amino acid chelates. Calci-K and DiMagnesium Malate both received GRAS affirmation from an independen… Read More »
Published September 12, 2013
Handbook provides science-based recommendations for establishing Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs) for supplemental sources of important nutrients. Read More »
Published September 9, 2013
ConsumerLab.com, White Plains, NY, recently tested various green and whole food supplements for heavy metals, microbes and pesticides, and found only five of the 11 products selected met quality standards. Green and whole food supplements can be powd… Read More »
Published September 9, 2013
With more than 60% of the world adapting, developing or reviewing food supplement regulation, the Standards and Guidelines from Codex Alimentarius have become key common reference points for regulators worldwide, according to the Brussels, Belgium-ba… Read More »
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