Health Conditions

You’re So Special(ist)!

Companies that can win the confidence of medical specialists will be positioned to capitalize on the next wave of growth in the practitioner channel.

Envisioning the Future of Eye Health

Carotenoids, omega-3s and botanicals provide support as consumers look to preserve their vision.

Fats for Life

The essential fatty acids described here are critical to both life and health.

Colors in Focus

Companies opt for natural alternatives amid a push toward clean labels and concern over artificial ingredients.

Gut Health: On the Front Lines of Wellness

Better understanding of gut microbes and their role in health will lead to more science-driven product development.

Health Conscious Consumers Look To Dairy

A new international study commissioned by Tetra Pak shows that consumers associate dairy with health and wellness.

Natural, Potent & Focused: The Antioxidant Market in Review

Unique formulas separate from the pack with natural ingredients, clinical research and condition-specific marketing.