Health Conditions

Sports & Energy Drinks: Keep Them Separated

The true art of sports nutrition is to formulate strategies that suit individuals according to their specific needs or goals.

Drink Your Vitamins!

LifeAID Beverage Co. is securing a foothold in a saturated market with avocation-based supplement drinks.

Nutricosmetics: Confined to Underdog Status or Opportunity to Outshine?

Growing awareness that beauty is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle is compelling more consumers to exercise and maintain a balanced diet.

Why So Many Consumers Struggle with Weight

Understanding consumer preferences and emotions may help lead to more effective and personalized weight management solutions.

NY AG Issues Cease-And-Desist Letters to Makers of Devil’s Claw Supplements

Eric Schneiderman claims ‘misbranded’ products symptomatic of weaknesses in supplement industry’s quality control.

Clean & Green

Green foods emerge as easy and convenient options for health conscious consumers to get their nutrients.

Men’s Hair Care Sales See Healthy Growth

The number of men’s hair care product launches in the U.K. declined by 46% in 2014, but sales grew by 2%.

Gut Health: On the Front Lines of Wellness

Better understanding of gut microbes and their role in health will lead to more science-driven product development.

Newtricious Seeks Marketing Partners for MacuView in the U.S.

Research demonstrated MacuView improved visual acuity, increased macular pigment density and assisted with night vision.