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Nestlé & Waters Corp. Partner on Made-to-Measure Vitamins

September 1, 2014

Initial aim is to develop a new generation of tests for measuring the amount of vitamins in body fluids.

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Switzerland, and Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, have partnered on a new research project that could one day lead to the development of made-to-measure vitamin combinations tailored to individual needs. 
The collaboration initially aims to develop a new generation of tests for measuring the amount of vitamins in body fluids such as blood and urine. It builds on NIHS’ expertise in nutrients and micronutrients research, and Waters’ state-of-the-art analytical technologies.   

According to the companies, current laboratory analyses of nutrients in biological samples often lack sensitivity, are slow and can only measure a limited number of molecules at once. The new joint venture looks to develop new methods that can measure a broad range of nutrients and micronutrients—particularly vitamins and their related metabolites—in a quick, accurate and robust way.   

NIHS said it would use its new analytical methods to monitor the effectiveness of fortified food and drinks on consumers, and medical nutrition given to patients. “We want to understand the molecular relationships between nutrients and their effects on healthy individuals and patients at different stages of their lives,” said Dr. Emmanuel Baetge, head of the NIHS. “This work will let us build up a comprehensive picture of a person’s nutrient status, which we can then investigate in relation to their age, health status and genetic background.”   

NIHS researcher Serge Rezzi further explained, “In the future, these tools will help us to better define the specific nutrient needs of people with different diets and lifestyles around the world, measure their biological response to nutrition, and meet the nutritional requirements of every patient or consumer.”

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