Supplier's Corner

Zanthin XP-3 Astaxanthin

March 19, 2012

Valensa has launched a new astaxanthin formulation designed to provide optimal absorption at lower use levels. Called Zanthin XP-3 astaxanthin, the new product combines Valensa’s Zanthin natural astaxanthin with a supercritical extract perilla seed oil, O2B peroxidation blocker stabilization system and sunflower-based phospholipids in a synergistic formulation that enhances the human body’s absorption of the astaxanthin. Rather than adopt a strategy of large Astaxanthin doses to ensure the optimal 2 mg to 4 mg intake levels research has shown the body can utilize, Zanthin XP-3 typically makes the Astaxanthin 90% available across the board. For further information: