Empowered Premium Nutrition for Women

February 22, 2013

Natures Research Nutritionals (NRN), Austin, TX, has developed Empowered Premium Nutrition due to a large void and unfulfilled need in the nutrition market. The company feels that women have been left out and excluded from the nutritional category by both manufacturers and retailers alike. Empowered Premium Nutrition seeks to fill the void with all-natural and great tasting nutritional products that are developed specifically for a woman’s nutritional needs. Further, Empowered Premium Nutrition has partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation to develop a unique product line formulated specifically for women’s immunity and functional health. This line of female-specific protein powders, whole-food nutrition bars, probiotic and antioxidant supplements will provide women with gluten-free tools necessary to ensure proper nutrition. The newly launched products include: Empowered Premium Protein Meal Replacement Powder with GanedenBC30; Internal Defense-Antioxidant dietary supplement; and Immune Pro-Probiotic dietary supplements for digestive health. Future products offerings will include a whole-food, gluten-free nutrition bar made from high quality ingredients.

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