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Innate Response Partners with Dr. Andrew Weil

By Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor | July 2, 2012

The formulations and health conditions addressed by the new Seasonal Theraputics professional supplement line will be influenced by seasonal changes.

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, has long been the most well-known advocate of holistic living. As a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Weil Foundation, which supports integrative medicine through training, education, and research, Dr. Weil is an undisputed authority on all things healthy and his opinions and guidance are trusted by legions of consumers. His latest venture is a partnership with Derry, NH-based supplement formulator Innate Response with the goal of creating a new kind of supplement line “the practitioner channel hasn’t seen before.”
The product line, still in the early stages of development, will be called Seasonal Theraputics and according to Innate Response, is a line of professional nutritional supplements that use “nature as a template,” and are rooted in the belief “that nature holds many of the answers for leading healthier and richer lives.”
Dr. Weil,along with his colleague and Scientific Advisor, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and the team at Innate Response, are creating the line to reflect the notion that a seasonal approach should be observed in the maintenance of health and wellness. “Just as our dietary choices should be influenced by seasonal changes - more fruit in summer, for example, and more root vegetables in winter - so should our choices of dietary supplements and natural remedies,” said Dr. Weil via press release. “Our unique Seasonal Therapeutics program makes it easy, providing patients with formulations tailored to the particular needs of their body in each season of the year.”
Innate Response’s newly appointed Director of Product Development, Dr. Adam Killpartrick, explained that as seasonally-influenced products, the line’s ingredient formulations and condition focuses will vary according to the season. For instance, Autumn will focus on liver and GI health and will employ ingredients that support those systems/organs.  
The overarching premise of Seasonal Therapeutics will hinge on achieving emotional wellness through lifestyle, behavioral and dietary changes based on an array of holistic and modern therapies and the time of year. “We feel that there is a missing piece in health care, that it's not just about what dietary changes or nutritional supplements to recommend, but also when to recommend them,” commented Dr. Killpartrick. “We are incredibly passionate about education and thrilled to be able to work with Dr. Weil and Dr. Low Dog to share this powerful message. Our aim is to empower practitioners with outstanding programs and products so they can better serve their patients and change lives.”
Dr. Killpartrick went on to note that the line is the first program of its kind in the integrative health care industry, because it blends “cutting edge science and integrative medicine together with the change of the seasons.”
Dr. Killpartrick, told Nutraceuticals World that the partnership with Dr. Weil evolved out of his interest in how Innate Response processes and uses whole food in its supplements. “Dr. Weil saw that Innate and our parent company, FoodState, are redefining the 'whole food' market with our Refractance Window Drying technology and our ability to deliver nutrients in the most preserved manner possible,” explained Dr. Killpartrick. “Dr. Weil came out to our plant and saw our process and was floored by the way we create our products. That sparked the partnership and is taking us down the road of co-creating these products that the practitioner channel hasn't seen before. We'll be using a synergistic blend of whole foods and clinical dosages.”  
“The long term consequences of stress and modern lifestyle have had a serious impact on our physical and emotional health. We no longer live, eat or sleep in harmony with our environment,” said Tieraona Low Dog, MD. “By incorporating and aligning a truly integrative program, including stress management, healthy nutrition and the appropriate use of dietary supplements, we can provide a health program that supports our body’s innate response as we move through the seasons of our lives.”
The products will be sold exclusively to healthcare practitioners and the price points are currently being determined. Though Innate Response is working with Dr. Weil to co-develop the program and providing input on the formulations, Dr. Killpartrick said the products “are still Innate products” and won't bear Dr. Weil’s name or image.  
The product launch on August 25 will coincide with a Seasonal Therapeutics seminar series in Boston, MA, for health care practitioners and will advocate an evidence-based, nature-oriented, seasonal approach to wellness. The series will be presented by, Dr. Low Dog.

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