Antioxidant Directory

By Rebecca Wright | March 1, 2009

A comprehensive listing of antioxidant suppliers and the ingredients they offer to the dietary supplement and functional food markets.

AHD International, LLC
Contact: Kat Frey
Telephone: 404-233-4022
Fax: 404-233-4041
E-mail: sales@ahdintl.com
Website: www.ahdintl.com
Antioxidant Products: active cranberry powder, cranberry protein powder, cranberry omega 3 oil, fucoxanthin, liquid omega 3, chia seeds, oil, flour and meal, resveratrol, beta-glucan, grape seed extract, lycopene


Contact: Max Motyka 

Telephone: 586-774-9055;

Fax: 586-774-8838

E-mail: mmotyka@

Website: www.albion

Antioxidant Products: zinc glycinate chelate, manganese glycinate chelate, copper glycinate chelate

A. M. Todd Botanical
Contact: Corey Norton
Telephone: 435-713-4888
Fax: 435-713-4774
E-mail: cnorton@amtodd.com
Website: www.amtodd.com
Antioxidant Products: apple PE 75%; bilberry fruit PE 25%; definedblack currant PE 35% (25% version available); grape seedPE 95% (water soluble version available); green tea extracts (many standard and customized specifications available); lycium berry PE 40% (goji berry); mint antioxidant formula PE 25% (polyphenolics); quercetin dihydrate; resveratrol 99% (20%, 50% and 95% versions available); turmeric rhizome PE 95% (granulated or powdered)

Artemis International, Inc.
Contact: Leslie Gallo
Telephone: 260-436-6899
Fax: 260-478-6900
E-mail: info@
Website: www.artemis-
Antioxidant Products: standardized elderberry extracts, standardized chokeberry extracts, standardized black currant extracts, standardized purple corn extracts, Berry Bites Hi-Antioxidant Fruit Chews, BerryDefense Immune Support Blend, Berry­­Select High-Antioxidant Blend, BerryForce Hi-Antioxidant Athletic Performance Blend

B&D Nutritional Ingredients
Contact: Michael Sodaro
Telephone: 760-597-0933
Fax: 760-597-9670
E-mail: m_sodaro@
Website: www.bdnutritional.com
Antioxidant Products: Novasoy soy isoflavone; FloraGLO lutein; CardioAid sterols and sterol esters; Betanat natural beta-carotene; ZeaGold; Enzogenol pine bark extract; Lyconat; Slendesta; Sawasabi; MegaNatural-BP grape seedand grape skin

BASF Corp.
Contact: Kevin Anderson
Telephone: 800-526-1072, x6394
Fax: 800-973-245-6843
E-mail: kevin.anderson@
Website: www.nutrition.
Antioxidant Products: vitamin E, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein

Bio-Botanica Inc
Contact: Mark Sysler; Ellen Delisle
Telephone: 631-231-5522
Fax: 631-231-7332
E-mail: msysler@bio-botanica.com; edelisle@bio-botanica.com
Website: www.bio-botanica.com
Antioxidant Products: Fruitanicals, superfruit blend, noni, muscadine grape extract

Cognis Corp.
Contact: Carrie Potaczek
Telephone: 708-579-6174
Fax: 708-579-6152
E-mail: carrie.potaczek@
Website: www.cognis.com
Antioxidant Products: Covi-OX natural antioxidants, Covitol natural source vitamin E

Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Contact: Matt Phillips
Telephone: 949-622-9030
Fax: 949-622-9033
E-mail: sales@cyvex.com
Website: www.cyvex.com
Antioxidant Products: AppleZin, BerryVin, BioVin, BioVin Advanced, BroccoPhane, BroccoPlus, Euro Black Currant, PomActiv, Q-Vida, PhytoTropic

Decas Botanical Synergies
Contact: Dan Souza
Telephone: 508-866-8506
Fax: 508-866-9020
E-mail: info@
Website: www.decas
Antioxidant Products: cranberry powder, cranberry extract, cranberry seed oil

Denali Biotechnologies
Contact: Diana Beaupre
Telephone: 907-283-5000
Fax: 907-283-5018
E-mail: admin@
Website: denalibiotech.com
Antioxidant Products: AuroraBlue (Alaska wild blueberry), Flavon-Plus Formula, Wild Alaska Vaccinium Complex, AuroraRed (Alaska wild rosehip), Wild Alaska Rosa Complex, novel Alaska wild superfruits

Diana Naturals
Contact: Brian Stagg
Telephone: 845-268-5200
Fax: 845-268-4626
E-mail: bstagg@diana-
Website: www.diana-naturals.com
Antioxidant Products: ApplIn apple extract standardized to 80% polyphenols and 5% phloridzin; CranPure cranberry extract standardized to 30% PACs; Brassicare broccoli extract standardized to 1.6% glucoraphane; HealSea fucus extract standardized to phlorotannins; Phytonutriance acerola extract standardized to 17% vitamin C; various high-antioxidant fruit and vegetable powders, including organic black currant; organic blueberry; organic artichoke; organic carrot; organic cranberry; organic acerola; organic purple carrot

Dolcas Biotech
Telephone: 973-347-1958
Fax: 973-347-0433
E-mail: info@dolcas-biotech.com
Website: www.dolcas-biotech.com
Antioxidant Products: BCM-95 (bioavailable turmeric extract); Oligopin (French maritime pine bark extract); VitaFlavin (French grape seedextract); Amlamax (fresh amla juice extract)

DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Contact: Todd Sitkowski
Telephone: 973-257-8185
Fax: 973-257-8592
E-mail: hnh-marketing.dnpna@
Website: www.unlimited
Antioxidant Products: vitamin C; vitamin E; beta-carotene; FloraGLO lutein; Optisharp zeaxanthin; redivivo lycopene; All-Q CoQ10; Teavigo EGCG; Resvida resveratrol

Encore Fruit Marketing, Inc.
Contact: Greg Kaiser
Telephone: 909-394-5640
Fax: 909-394-5646
E-mail: gkaiser@encorefruit.com
Website: www.encorefruit.com
Antioxidant Products: acai puree; acerola puree and juice concentrate; blueberry puree and juice concentrate; cranberry puree and juice concentrate; goji puree; juice concentrate and powder; mangosteen puree and juice concentrate; pomegranate juice concentrate; roselle juice concentrate (hibiscus); sea buckthorn puree and powder; yumberry juice concentrate

Ethical Naturals, Inc.
Telephone: 866-459-4454
Fax: 415-459-4391
E-mail: info@
Website: www.ethical
Antioxidant Products: ORAC 15,000, resveratrol, Resvinol-25, bilberry, lutein, grape skin, grape seed , green tea, yerba mate, apple

Ferlux SA
Contact: Delphine Barthes
Telephone: 33-675-29-99-92
Fax: 33-4-73-8421-80
E-mail: d.barthes@ferlux.com
Website: www.ferlux.com
Antioxidant Products: Extracyan bilberry complex; Antho50 standardized 50% bilberry extract; Antho25 standardized 25% bilberry extract; Orocyan standardized 20%cranberry extract

Fuji Health Science, Inc.
Contact: Yasuko Kuroda
Telephone: 609-386-3030
Fax: 609-386-3033
E-mail: contact@fuji
Website: www.fuji
Antioxidant Products: AstaREAL astaxanthin (oil/powder), tocotrienol (oil/powder)

FutureCeuticals, Inc.
Contact: Hartley Pond
Telephone: 888-452-6853
Fax: 815-472-3529
E-mail: sales@
Website: www.future
Antioxidant Products: VitaBerry, VitaVeggie, CoffeeBerry, VitaGrape, VitaBlue, AnthoComplete, VitaGranate, VitaCran, VitaCherry, VitaCurrant

InterHealth Nutraceuticals
Contact: Gary Shap (dietary supplements); Rob Worsena (food & beverage)
Telephone: 707-751-2864;
Fax: 707-751-2801
E-mail: hcampbell@
Website: www.interhealthusa.com
Antioxidant Products: OptiBerry, L-OptiZinc, OptiZinc

Kelatron Corporation
Contact: Tyler Watts
Telephone: 801-627-3050
Fax: 801-612-9191
E-mail: twatts@kelatroncorp.com
Website: www.kelatroncorp.com
Antioxidant Products: selenium, zinc, mineral ascorbates

Kyowa Hakko USA
Contact: Karen Todd, RD, CISSN, CSCS
Telephone: 734-214-2296
Fax: 734-214-2297
E-mail: todd@kyowa-usa.com
Website: www.kyowa-usa.com
Antioxidant Products: Setria glutathione; Cognizin citicoline; Kyowa CoQ10; cysteine; leucine

Contact: Scott Larkin
Telephone: 760-438-4421
Fax: 760-438-4577
E-mail: scottmlarkin@
Website: www.lycored.com
Antioxidant Products: Lyc-O-Mato, BetaCote, Lyc-O-Beta, Lyc-O-Lutein, Tomat-O-Red, Lyc-O-Zea

Maitake Products, Inc.
Contact: Randy Zwingil
Telephone: 800-747-7417
Fax: 973-470-0017
E-mail: randy.z@maitake.com
Website: www.maitake.com
Antioxidant Products: Mushroom Wisdom CoQ10 with SX-Fraction; Mushroom Wisdom Alpha Lipoic Acid with SX-Fraction; Mushroom Wisdom Lutein/Astaxanthin with SX-Fraction

MTC Industries, Inc.
Contact: Jimmy Wang
Telephone: 631-274-4818
Fax: 631-274-4819
E-mail: jimmy@
Website: www.mtcindustries.com
Antioxidant Products: theaflavin, EGCG, resveratrol, ALA Series (including R(+) ALA, R(+) DHLA), CoQ10 (including the reduced form CoQH), lutein, lycopene, natural OPCs, Vitamin Series (A, B, C, D, E, H, K, U...), natural polyphenols

Natural Health Science
Contact: Kimberly Austin
Telephone: 201-459-0300
Fax: 201-459-0055
E-mail: kim@pycnogenol.com
Website: www.pycnogenol.com
Antioxidant Products: Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract

Natural Sourcing
Contact: Jay Basu
Telephone: 203-702-2500
Fax: 203-702-2501
E-mail: sales@naturalsourcing.com
Website: www.naturalsourcing.com
Antioxidant Products: black raspberry seed oil, blueberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, Chardonnay grape seed oil, yangu oil, rhatany root CO2 extract, mixed tocopherols T 50/T 80, organic raspberry seed oil, organic rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract

Naturex Inc.
Contact: David Yvergniaux
Telephone: 201-440-5000
Fax: 201-342-8000
E-mail: naturex@naturex.us
Website: www.naturex.com
Antioxidant Products: green tea, cocoa, resveratrol, cranberry, pomegranate, bilberry, rosemary, olive leaf, grape seed, blueberry

NP Nutra
Contact: Bill Nichols
Telephone: 310-694-3031
Fax: 310-606-2069
E-mail: admin@npnutra.com
Website: www.npnutra.com
Antioxidant Products: acai (organic), camu camu, gac, goji, maca (organic), mangosteen, noni (organic), pomegranate, spirulina (organic), yumberry

Nutraceuticals International
Contact: Nichole DeBlock
Telephone: 201-796-4041
Fax: 201-796-4051
E-mail: nichole@nutraintl.com
Website: www.nutraintl.com
Antioxidant Products: acai 4:1/8:1; acerola 25%; bilberry 25%; blueberry 10:1; cranberry 8:1; FucoPure 10% fucoxanthin; goji berry; green tea extract; mangosteen; noni 4:1; panax ginseng; pomegranate; raspberry 4%

Ocean Spray ITG
Contact: Kristen Borsari
Telephone: 508-946-7376
Fax: 508-946-4594
E-mail: kborsari@
Website: www.oceansprayitg.com
Antioxidant Products: BerryFusions fruits, sweetened dried cranberries, cranberry purée, cranberry powder

OptiPure Brand/Kenko
International, Inc.
Contact: Ron Udell
Telephone: 800-934-3040;
Fax: 323-721-9600
E-mail: sales@optipure.com
Website: www.optipure.com
Antioxidant Products: T-Phenol green tea extract; Gbe 24/6 ginkgo biloba extract; GlucoHelp 18% corosolic acid; banaba leaf extract; VMA 25+ bilberry extract; Posinol Apocynum venetum extract; Gravinol-S grape seed extract; GSX-24 Gymnema sylvestre extract; liquid ginkgo complete; Loquoro loquat leaf extract; PharmaFew feverfew extract (NLT 4% parthenolides)

Orcas International, Inc.
Contact: Natalie Interdonato
Telephone: 973-448-2801
Fax: 973-448-2806
E-mail: customerservice@
Website: www.orcas-intl.com
Antioxidant Products: cranberry, acai, noni, pomegranate extract, curcumin, grape seed extract, lutein, mangosteen, acerola, green tea, resveratrol, bilberry extract

P.L. Thomas
Contact: Paula Nurnberger
Telephone: 973-984-0900, x214
Fax: 973-984-5666
E-mail: paulan@plthomas.com
Website: www.plthomas.com
Antioxidant Products: GliSODin, Pomegranate P40p, MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract, Vitiva rosemary extracts, baobab fruit, camu camu

Polyphenolics, A division of Constellation Wines U.S., Inc.
Contact: Ronald Martin
Telephone: 480-883-6716
Fax: 480-883-6717
E-mail: ron.martin@
Website: www.polyphenolics.com
Antioxidant Products: MegaNatural-BP grape seed extract, MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract, MegaNatural GSKE grape pomace extract, MegaNatural Rubired grape juice extract, MegaNatural red wine concentrate

RFI Ingredients
Contact: Jennifer Diliddo
Telephone: 845-358-8600, x141
Fax: 845-358-9003
E-mail: jenniferd@
Website: www.rfiingredients.com
Antioxidant Products: OxyPhyte green tea extract; OxyPhyte white tea; OxyPhyte apple extract; OxyPhyte grape seed extract; OxyPhyte grape skin extract; OxyPhyte Mushroom Blends; OxyPhyte Black Currant; OxyPhyte Yerba Mate Polyphenol Extract; OxyPhyte Ultra Blend; OxyPhyte Heart Blend (a blend of the four most potent polyphenolic-based ingredients for heart health)

Sabinsa Corporation
Contact: Asha Ramesh
Telephone: 732-777-1111
Fax: 732-777-1443
E-mail: asha@sabinsa.com
Website: www.sabinsa.com
Antioxidant Products: Saberry (amla), Curcumin C3 Complex, epicatechin, Resvenox, Sesamin Complex, natural anthocyanins, green tea extract, selenium select (L-selenomethionine), rosemary extract, methyl seleno cysteine

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.
Contact: Barry Meltzer
Telephone: 510-770-1215
Fax: 510-770-9021
E-mail: barry@herbspicetea.com
Website: www.herbspicetea.com
Antioxidant Products: green tea, rosehip, grape seed

Seppic Inc.
Contact: Marie-Eve Koziol
Telephone: 973-882-5597
Fax: 973-882-5178
E-mail: pcseppicinc@airliquide.com
Website: www.seppic.com
Antioxidant Products: Extramel bioactive source of vegetable SOD from a specific variety of melon (two grades available); Extramel microgranules, highest concentration of bioactive SOD for nutritional supplements (14,000 IU/g), Extramel D, double protected hydrodispersible concentrate for functional foods (1000 IU/g); Provinols red wine extract, 95% minimum polyphenols, Prolivols extract of water-soluble part of olive, 35% minimum polyphenols (20 mg/g min hydroxytyrosol); Promutase vegetable source of SOD for animal nutrition

Sime Darby Bioganic Sdn Bhd
Contact: Zalina Hamid
Telephone:603-31226302, x2265
Fax: 603-31220782
E-mail: zalina.hamid@
Website: www.gold-trie.com
Antioxidant Products: Gold Tri. E tocotrienols

Stauber Performance
Ingredients, Inc.
Telephone: 714-441-3900
Fax: 714-441-3909
E-mail: customerservice@
Website: www.stauberusa.com
Antioxidant Products: spirulina, vitamin E, grape seed extract, ascorbic acid, alfalfa juice concentrate, bilberry extract, citrus bioflavonoids, alpha lipoic acid, beta-carotene, red wine concentrate

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Contact: Steve Holtby
Telephone: 800-360-7484 (SGTI); 323-726-0700
Fax: 323-726-7065
E-mail: sales@soft-gel.com
Website: www.soft-gel.com
Antioxidant Products: CoQsol CoQ10; CoQsol-CF crystal-free CoQ10 formula; CoQH-CF crystal-free ubiquinol (reduced CoQ10) formula; Injuv 9% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid complex; GlucoHelp 18% corosolic acid; banaba leaf extract softgels; CarnisolQ10 micronized Carnipure with CoQ10; LyCoQ combination of Lyc-O-Mato and CoQsol in a soft gel; Posinol Apocynum venetum extract; Cerenew skincare nutraceutical with Injuv brand hyaluronic acid; wheat germ oil extract containing naturally-occurring ceramides and biotin; WasabiSol Wasabia japonica softgels

Stryka Botanics
Contact: Brian McNally
Telephone: 908-281-5577
Fax: 908-281-5392
E-mail: info@stryka.com
Website: www.stryka.com
Antioxidant Products: melatonin, ascorbic acid, green tea extracts, blueberry fruit powder, grape seed extracts, garlic powder, soy powder, cranberry fruit powder, acai berry extracts, SOD

Synergy Production

Contact: Tiffany Foy
Telephone: 435-259-4787
Fax: 435-259-2328
E-mail: spl@synergy
Website: www.synergy
Antioxidant Products: berry blend, whole apple, vegetable juice powders (carrot, beet, tomato), acerola and camu, cruciferous sprouts, algae, bilberry, black currant, lingonberry, medicinal mushrooms

Taiyo International, Inc.
Contact: Scott Smith
Telephone: 763-398-3003
Fax: 763-398-3007
E-mail: sales@taiyoint.com
Website: www.taiyo
Antioxidant Products: Sunphenon line of green tea extract antioxidants; Sunphenon EGCG, high-purity EGCG for use in supplements, foods or beverages; Sunphenon 90LB, reduced bitterness (for use
in supplements, foods or beverages); Sunphenon 90DCF-T, decaffeinated catechins (for use in supplements, foods or beverages); Sunphenon 90M-T, high purity catechins (for use in supplements, foods or beverages); Sunphenon 70H-T, mid-level catechins (for supplement use); Sunphenon 30S-O, organic certified green tea extract; Sunphenon 30R-T, prepared using roasted tea leaves (for supplement and food use); Sunphenon 30LB-T, decaffeinated by a solvent-free process (subtle tea taste); Sunphenon WT-3, white tea extract with delicate tea flavor and aroma; Sunphenon CF-T, natural green tea caffeine

Trace Minerals Research
Contact: Dave Chambers
Telephone: 801-731-6051;
Fax: 801-731-3702
E-mail: davec@traceminerals.com
Website: www.traceminerals.com
Antioxidant Products: Greens Pak, Ultra Mangosteen, Mangosteen Tea, Liquid Acai, Ionic Selenium, Electrolyte Stamina Power Paks, Goji with ConcenTrace, Ultra Goji, Liquid CoQ10, CoQ10 Capsules

Valensa International
Contact: Amy Accardi
Telephone: 352-357-2004, x726
Fax: 352-483-2095
E-mail: a.accardi@valensa.com
Website: www.valensa.com
Antioxidant Products: Zanthin natural astaxanthin (high pressure supercritical CO2 extracted): 7% oleo resin, 2.5% beadlets, 2% cold water dispersal beadlets, 4 mg softgels, 4mg vegetarian softgels; astaxanthin 1.5% powder; SpiruZan spirulina and astaxanthin

Verdure Sciences
Contact: Staci Thompson
Telephone: 317-776-3600
Fax: 317-776-3650
E-mail: info@vs-corp.com
Website: www.vs-corp.com
Antioxidant Products: Ashwagandha extract, Bacognize extract, BeneAmla fruit extract (certified organic), BeneBaobab, BeneGinger extract, BeneMango extract, BeneTurmeric extract, JamuBerry extract, Pomella extract, Pomella extract (certified organic)

Wild Blueberry Association
Contact: Sue Till
Telephone: 207-775-4100
Fax: 207-775-5668
E-mail: still@swardlick.com
Website: www.wildblueberries.com
Antioxidant Products: Wild Blueberry ingredient forms

Wild Flavors, Inc.
Contact: Heather Biehl
Telephone: 859-342-3699
Fax: 859-342-3608
E-mail: hbiehl@wildflavors.com
Website: www.wildflavors.com
Antioxidant Products: carotenoids (lutein and lycopene), acerola extract, CoQ10, de-flavored sea buckthorn extract, acai extract, de-flavored teas (green tea catechins and black tea theaflavins), Indian gooseberry, apple polyphenols, natural vitamin E, citrus bioflavonoids (naringin and hesperidin)

Xsto Solutions, LLC
Contact: Francis Foley/
Dan Murray
Telephone: 973-975-4224;
Fax: 973-998-0368
E-mail: info@xstosolutions.com
Website: www.xstosolutions.com
Antioxidant Products: dry and oil forms of the following: L-carnosine, zinc carnosine, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, high EPA and high DHA omega 3s