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New Patented Muscle Health Ingredient Launched

January 31, 2017

Reginator is an optimized blend of essential amino acids (EAA) for muscle anabolism.

ZANDA LLC, a supplier of new-to-market nutraceutical and functional food ingredients has introduced Reginator, a patented optimized blend of essential amino acids (EAA) for muscle anabolism. Originally developed at the University of Arkansas to assist burn victims maintain muscle mass and strength during recovery, researchers also discovered other applications such as helping astronauts at NASA preserve muscle function and strength while on deep space missions. 

New to the market, Reginator offers efficacy with a low dosage and no exercise requirement. Its’ optimal blend was developed over a period of 20 years through 24 human clinical trials, according to the company. Lead trials researcher, Dr. Robert Wolfe, is the author of more than 500 publications on muscle metabolism and amino acids and developer of the current methods of measuring muscle growth.

"Reginator is one of the most researched muscle health offerings currently available and it has been tested for safety and efficacy across all demographic groups, including young and the elderly," said John Alkire, managing member, ZANDA. "We are pleased to offer this ingredient to food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers who are looking to develop effective products backed by extensive scientific validation." 

In relation to other available protein sources, Reginator’s optimized blend has a low dosage and does not require exercise to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, however, the muscle effect will be amplified if exercise is added to the regimen.

Scientists have well established that protein is a combination of differing amino acids. Efficacy of protein on muscle protein synthesis is determined by a specific ratio of amino acids is critical for determining the effect on muscle protein synthesis. Too much of an amino acid can cause oxidation which lessens the effect while too little of an amino causes the body to steal or scavenge the required amino acid from muscles or organs. Over a research period of 20 years, the ratios of amino acids for optimal muscle protein synthesis was perfected.

Reginator is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation from the FDA, confirming it can safely be used in a variety of functional foods and beverages, in addition to nutraceutical applications. Reginator is available in two forms, Vegan and Non Vegan. The ingredient is patented in the U.S. and available for worldwide sales.

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