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InterHealth Ingredients Gain Non-GMO Status

August 20, 2013

Eurofins testing confirmed status of branded ingredients.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Benicia, CA, announced the completion of non-GMO analytical testing for five of its top-selling proprietary branded ingredients. Analytical testing for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was conducted on UC-II, Super CitriMax, ChromeMate, Meratrim and ZMA. Eurofins, a leader in analytical testing services, performed the testing and confirmed non-GMO status of InterHealth’s brands. The most accurate and sensitive testing method, Polymerase chain reaction, was used because it provides sensitive quantitative results in detecting GMO content.

“We knew that verifying non-GMO status of our leading brands would be essential to food and beverage as well as dietary supplement manufacturers as consumer awareness and demand for non-GMO ingredients increases,” commented Paul Dijkstra, InterHealth CEO. “UC-II, Super CitriMax, ChromeMate, Meratrim and ZMA were all tested to provide more transparency to InterHealth’s customers and ultimately to consumers.” Non-GMO testing has also started to become a necessity in light of new and possibly upcoming legislation around the world. Given the demand, the non-GMO market is bound to become extremely profitable.

“We will continue non-GMO testing on our other brands as part of a non-GMO initiative InterHealth started a few months ago,” stated Mr. Dijkstra. In addition to non-GMO testing, InterHealth has established and maintains documented procedures for identifying the material/product by suitable means from receipt and during all stages of production, shipment and measurement requirements.

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