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NCN 2012 Investor Meeting Participants Achieve Fund Raising Success

Published June 20, 2013
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Nutrition Capital Network (NCN), San Diego, CA, an organization that connects investors with high-potential growth companies in the nutrition and health & wellness industry, has announced that 19 companies—or 35% of those that presented business plans at NCN investor meetings in 2012—have been successful in raising funds.
“This is very gratifying, especially considering that more than half of these companies were presented at NCN Investor Meetings held in the last quarter,” said Grant Ferrier, NCN CEO and co-founder. “Furthermore, at least six of the 2012 raises, or about one third, exceeded $1 million, a testament to NCN’s success as a gateway for premiere industry investors and growth companies in the nutrition and health and wellness industry.”
Nutrition Capital Network’s long-term success rate of matching growth companies and technology innovators with suitable investors, acquirers and strategic partners since it was founded seven years ago is even higher, with 52% of presenting companies securing capital or completing a transaction of some kind.
In addition to the 2012 raises, some key strategic partnerships were formed, including one with Cargill. “This is not untypical. Cornerstone Investors who regularly attend our three annual meetings include many large strategic investors; companies like Coca-Cola, Novus, Hormel and Tate & Lyle have recently formed partnerships with NCN presenting companies,” noted Mr. Ferrier.
NCN Cornerstone Investors also include private equity firms, several of which have funds dedicated to the nutrition and health & wellness industry. “NCN investor meetings offer a great way for companies looking for financing or an exit to present themselves and gain informal access to over 50 premium industry investors in one day,” said Mr. Ferrier. “Our mission is to foster transactions by acting as a gateway for growth companies to obtain both capital and seasoned partners and to accelerate their development towards an eventual acquisition or strategic partnership.”
NCN is holding its Fall Investor Meeting on October 28 through 29 in San Francisco where 20 to 22 selected growth companies will present to an audience of 50 to 70 investment groups, representing $6 billion in capital. NCN’s annual ingredient- and technology-focused investor meeting follows on November 13 in Las Vegas. With top companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, Hershey’s, and Bayer among its distinguished Cornerstone Investors, NCN aims to provide an excellent forum for networking, while NCN Principals offer insights into new trends in the nutrition, natural products, and health & wellness industries.
NCN has convened 16 investor meetings since 2007 and has a successful track record of matching entrepreneurs, growth companies and technology innovators with suitable investors, acquirers and strategic partners. Past presenters that have closed significant transactions include Food Should Taste Good, a company acquired by General Mills in February 2012, in addition to Annie’s, Immaculate Baking, Zico and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.
Led by industry veterans and experienced investment professionals, NCN provides cutting-edge, research-based industry knowledge and serves as a gateway to connections, insights and resources that support the continued growth of the nutrition, natural products and health and wellness industries.

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