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Nearly Half of Women Eat Protein to Lose Weight

Published April 29, 2013
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About 43% of U.S. women age 40-60 reported eating more protein to lose weight, according to a cross-sectional national survey published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (May/June issue).

This study surveyed 1,824 women (40-60 years old) from the nine U.S. geographic regions, primarily married (71%), white (76%), and well educated; half were premenopausal (49%).

Researched evaluated frequency of dietary practices to prevent weight gain, Weight Efficacy Lifestyle score, self-reported weight change and body mass index over the past 2 years, and current protein intake.

Linear regression models determined associations between weight change, protein intake and reported use of the practice of “eating more protein” to prevent weight gain.

Most women correctly identified good protein sources, and the majority could indicate the daily percent dietary energy recommended from protein. “Eating more protein” to prevent weight gain was reported by 43% of women as a practice to prevent weight gain and was associated with weight loss over a 2-year period and with increased percent energy from protein.

Researchers concluded that reported use of the practice of “eating more protein” was associated with weight loss over 2 years. Education regarding dietary protein requirements may enhance the use of this practice.

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