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Omega-3 Credited with Psychological, Physiological Benefits

November 30, 2012

Swedish researchers have determined that a five week course of omega-3 PUFA fish oil has the potential to improve cognitive functions and cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy, middle aged to elderly adults.
In a study published in Nutrition Journal, 40 test subjects were dosed with either a placebo or a dietary supplement that contained 1,000mg of fish oil (300mg EPA, 210mg DHA, 90mg unspecified) five times per day.
During the five weeks, the test subjects underwent tests evaluating cognitive performance, working memory and selective attention. They were also evaluated for physiological test variables including blood pressure, triglyceride, insulin and blood glucose levels. At the end of the five weeks, the researchers determined that the relationship between the outcome in cognitive tests and cardiometabolic risk factors highlighted the importance of early dietary prevention to prevent cognitive decline secondary to cardiometabolic disorders. “The dietary prevention strategy should preferably include fish in quantities to supply sufficient amounts of PUFA, in addition to other food groups with potential metabolic benefits e.g. whole grain, low glycemic index foods, fruits, berries, vegetables, and prebiotics,” they wrote.

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