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Website Says Maqui Berry Beats Acai in Antioxidant Test

September 6, 2011

New research suggests antioxidants in maqui berry juice and powder outnumber other superfruits, including acai.

New research suggests antioxidants in maqui berry juice and powder outnumber other superfruits, including acai.

Newly launched discusses the recent research that has shown maqui berry to have nearly twice the antioxidant content of acai berry. Compiled research from numerous health organizations around the world have been put together to share the findings on Chilean maqui berries.

Medical researchers from Chile to Japan have all had positive results from a variety of studies. The most notable studies have recorded the record breaking antioxidant content and similar studies reveal anti-inflammatory, free radical elimination and detoxification properties.

What made acai berry so valuable was its vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that it contains. Because of the healthy properties and taste, it was easy to incorporate into many products and develop new ones.

Antioxidant values for acai berry per 100 grams of fruit are around 16,000. For a while this put acai at the top of the charts for superfruits. The antioxidant value for maqui berry is rated at more than 27,000 per 100 grams of fruit.

Maqui berry has even caught the attention of billion dollar pharmecuetical and biotech companies. Because of the natural chemical composition of maqui berries, some companies have invested in research and product development. This research could be used to develop new medicines to fight disease and has already been used to develop new natural supplements.

Since Chile is such a remote location, very few people were able to use maqui berries and benefit from them. Maqui berry juice has been very popular in this region of the world. The berries are also used as a food. Only in the past few years the information of the health benefits have been going global. With the recent success of acai berry, maqui berry is expected to go much further.

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