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Nestle, Jamba Juice Blend Synergies

By Rebecca Wright | December 4, 2007

Swizterland-based Nestle USA, part of Nestle, S.A., which is the world's largest food and beverage company, and California-based Jamba Juice, the leading blender of fruit and other naturally healthy ingredients, today announced their exclusive worldwide licensing agreement to produce and distribute a line of healthy ready-to-drink beverages under the Jamba brand name.

The products will launch in the US during the second quarter of 2008 and will include two distinct product offerings: Smoothies, a deliciously fruitful, nourishing blend of natural ingredients like real fruit and a splash of low-fat milk, and Juicies, a lighter, refreshing blend of fruit with a splash of non-fat milk. These products, which have been under development for more than a year, will include Jamba's signature line of healthy vitamin and mineral boosts and meet both companies' high standards for healthiness, taste and quality.

"We are extremely excited to announce this partnership with Nestle. This is a tremendous opportunity for Jamba to grow brand awareness and increase the accessibility of Jamba products beyond the four walls of our stores," said Paul Clayton, Chief Executive Officer of Jamba Juice. "By teaming with Nestle, we can make it easier for our customers to enjoy the healthy products served in our stores for the past 17 years."

"Partnering with Jamba Juice to create these ready-to-drink Smoothies and Juicies is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our consumers' needs for healthy and fun beverages," said Rob Case, President, Nestle USA Beverage Division. "Jamba Juice is a brand that has become synonymous with fun health and we're pleased to work with them to bring that same excitement for healthy beverages to the mass market."
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