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  • Drink Your Vitamins!

    Drink Your Vitamins!

    Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor || September 28, 2015
    LifeAID Beverage Co. is securing a foothold in a saturated market with avocation-based supplement drinks.

  • Tablets to Liquids: Are All Vitamins Created Equal?

    Tablets to Liquids: Are All Vitamins Created Equal?

    Bill Downs, Founder and CEO, Victory Nutrition International || August 4, 2015
    Nutrients must be efficiently absorbed in the body.

  • Watson Donates Vitamins in the Dominican Republic

    May 15, 2015
    Watson Inc., has donated 360,000 nutritional supplement tablets, which were formulated and produced in their West Haven, CT facilities. The formula was developed in the Watson R & D laboratories to address the nutritional needs of both children a…

  • Gummy Vitamins: Not Just For Kids

    Gummy Vitamins: Not Just For Kids

    Patrick Morris, Communications Manager, Fortitech Premixes, DSM Nutritional Products || July 3, 2014
    Alternative delivery formats appeal to a broad demographic.

  • Vitamins: The ABCs & Beyond

    Vitamins: The ABCs & Beyond

    Brenda Porter-Rockwell, Contributing Writer || January 2, 2014
    Better science, greater consumer awareness and convenient product options will help drive the market into the future.

  • Revenue Rising in Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturing Market

    October 26, 2011
    Healthcare reform, an aging population and growth in the number and variety of dietary supplements offered will boost revenue for the Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing industry at an average rate of 4.5% annually to $34.7 billion in the five years to 2016, according to IBISWorld, publisher of industry research.

  • Vitamin K

    April 18, 2008
    Indication: Bone mineral content (children) Source: Br J Nutr, February 18, 2008;1-7 [Epub ahead of print] Research: In adult bone, vitamin K contributes to bone health, probably through its role as a co-factor in the carboxylation of osteoca…

  • Wearable Vitamins

    Joanna Cosgrove || January 1, 2008
    Vitamin-enriched garments can they really promote good health?

  • Vitamins

    October 1, 2006
    Indication: Pre-eclampsia Source: American Journal of Epidemiology, September 2006;164(5):470-477. Research: The objective of this study was to assess the independent effect of regular periconceptional (before pregnancy) multivitamin use on th…