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  • Potassium-Rich Foods May Reduce Stroke & Death Risks Among Older Women

    October 1, 2014
    Postmenopausal women who consumed the most potassium were 12% less likely to suffer stroke in general.

  • Study Links Vitamin D & Dementia Risk

    September 1, 2014
    Adults who were moderately deficient in the sunshine vitamin had a 53% increased risk of developing dementia.

  • Study Links Vitamin D & Dementia Risk

    August 8, 2014
    Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in older people, according to a study published in Neurology.

  • Study Breaks Blood-Brain Barriers to Understanding Alzheimer’s

    December 16, 2013
    NIH-funded study suggests brain blood vessel cells may be therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Total Antioxidant Capacity: Risk of Heart Failure

    May 1, 2013
    Nutraceutical: Total Antioxidant Capacity Indication: Risk of Heart Failure Source: American Journal of Medicine, Apr. 3, 2013; doi:10.1016 Research: Few studies have investigated the association between individual antioxidants and risk of heart f…

  • Antioxidants May Not Reduce Dementia or Stroke Risk

    April 1, 2013
    Contrary to previous research, a new study concluded that the total level of antioxidants in people’s diets is not related to their risk of developing stroke or dementia. The study was published in the online issue of Neurology, the medical jou…

  • Carotenoids: Stroke risk

    November 1, 2012
    Nutraceutical: Carotenoids Indication: Stroke risk Source: Neurology, Oct. 9, 2012;79:1540-1547 Research: Intake of fruits and vegetables and levels of serum carotenoids have been associated with decreased risk of stroke, but the results have been…

  • Antioxidants

    March 1, 2006
    Indication: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) Source: JAMA December, 2005;294(24):3101-7. Research: The purpose of the study was to investigate whether regular dietary intake of antioxidants is associated with a lower risk of incident AMD.…

  • Omega 3s: Total & Cause-Specific Mortality

    May 1, 2013
    Nutraceutical: Omega 3s Indication: Total & Cause-Specific Mortality Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, Apr. 2, 2013; 158(7):515-525 Research: Long-chain omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), including EPA, DPA and DHA have been shown…

  • Omega 3s: Alzheimer's

    June 1, 2012
    Nutraceutical: Omega 3s Indication: Alzheimer’s Source: Neurology, May 2, 2012: [Epub ahead of print] Research: The widely reported associations between various nutrients and cognition may occur through many biologic pathways including those…