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  • Zone Labs Successfully Challenges Claims on Nordic Naturals Product

    August 2, 2011
    The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB) has recommended that California-based Nordic Naturals, Inc., discontinue certain claims for the company’s Ultimate Omega Sport 90 fish oil product.

  • Pfizer to Sell Nutrition Business

    August 1, 2011
    In early July, Pfizer, New York, NY, announced plans to sell or spin off its animal and nutrition units.

  • Healthy Vending Growth to Skyrocket

    August 1, 2011
    America’s massive vending market for foods and beverages may be static—at around $43 billion, according to Vending Times’ most recent “Annual Vending Industry Census”—and the “healthy” segment may account for only 4% of this total, but healthy vending’s rate of growth is firmly in double-digits, with some industry executives forecasting growth of as much as 50% per annum.

  • Class is in Session

    Class is in Session

    Joanna Cosgrove || August 1, 2011
    Supplement associations convene an array of seminars to acquaint the industry with the ins and outs of FDA's recently released NDI Guidance.

  • Fiber May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

    July 29, 2011
    A new meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates dietary fiber may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  • An Interview with Pat Schneider

    An Interview with Pat Schneider

    Sheldon Baker || July 29, 2011
    Pat Schneider joined Unigen in 2008 as chief operating officer. In her current position, she is responsible for global sales and marketing, new business development, new product development, global supply chain, manufacturing and operations. With more than 30 years of experience in domestic and global sales, marketing, product development and operations, she has a proven track record as a business leader launching new products and opening new markets for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Proctor & Gamble, Bayer Consumer Healthcare and Herbalife.

  • Research Confirms Presence of Lutein in Infant Brain

    July 28, 2011
    Preliminary research demonstrates for the first time that lutein, an important phytonutrient that supports eye health, is the predominant carotenoid present in key areas of the infant brain, including areas that regulate overall brain function, cognition, vision, hearing and speech.

  • Emerson Ecologics to Distribute Metagenics Products Nationally

    July 28, 2011
    Emerson Ecologics, LLC, Bedford, NH, has expanded its partnership with Metagenics San Clemente, CA, becoming a national distributor for its full product line of nutritional supplements. For more than 25 years, Emerson Ecologics had been a West Coast…

  • GMP Update 2011

    GMP Update 2011

    Sean Moloughney, Associate Editor || July 28, 2011
    FDA inspectors discover inadequate specifications and protocols.

  • EU Landscape for Foods with Health Benefits May Change Dramatically in 2012

    July 27, 2011
    According to international food policy consultancy EAS, 2012 will see advertising messages across the functional food market move in a new direction as the European Commission begins to finalize its draft article 13.1 “Union List” of permitted health claims.

  • Canine Flex Support

    July 26, 2011
    Standard Process Inc., Palmyra, WI, has added Canine Flex Support to its Standard Process Veterinary Formulas. The product is designed to provide targeted nutrition to support normal repair and rebuilding of cartilage for smooth, unrestricted joint m…

  • Coffee Fruit Extract May Lower Inflammatory Markers

    July 26, 2011
    A pilot clinical study published in Nutrition Journal concluded that a functional beverage from Sozo Global reduces inflammatory markers in vivo. The Sozo beverage contains a high ORAC, polyphenol-rich, proprietary formula of fruit and vegetable extr…

  • AHPA NDI Database and Notifications Submissions Package

    July 26, 2011
    The American Herbal Products Association has updated and relaunched two important resources for dietary supplement companies that include new dietary ingredients (NDIs) in their products. The newly revised AHPA NDI Database and the AHPA Notifications…

  • Great News for the Omega-3 Market

    Great News for the Omega-3 Market

    Joanna Cosgrove || July 25, 2011
    Double-digit growth predicted thanks to ongoing demand for products containing omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Heart Health and Fiber Drive Consumers to Health Products

    July 22, 2011
    A shift in thinking is happening in supermarket aisles across the country according to Shopping for Health 2011, the 19th in a yearly study released by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Prevention magazine, and published by Rodale Inc.

  • BioExx Signs Development Agreement with Hormel

    July 21, 2011
    BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has signed a product development and sales license agreement with Hormel Foods Corporation and its Century Foods International division, Sparta, WI. Under the agreement, which covers the U.S.…

  • Guiding Stars Nutrition Rating Algorithm Receives U.S. Patent

    July 21, 2011
    Guiding Stars Licensing Co., Scarborough, ME, has received U.S. patent No. 7974881 for its Guiding Stars nutrition rating algorithm. The Guiding Stars algorithm is grounded in evidence-based science and the most current guidelines and recommendations…

  • Strawberries: Sweet Relief for Chronic Inflammation

    Strawberries: Sweet Relief for Chronic Inflammation

    Joanna Cosgrove || July 21, 2011
    Study investigates anti-inflammatory antioxidants and phytonutrients in strawberries.

  • Dairy Consumption May Improve Metabolic Health, Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

    July 20, 2011
    The results of two new studies contribute to the growing body of research demonstrating that adequate dairy consumption as part of a nutrient-rich, balanced diet may help maintain metabolic health and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. In one study…

  • GliSODin Impacts Inflammatory Markers

    July 20, 2011
    GliSODin supplementation demonstrated positive effects on selected inflammatory markers in a 2000-meter rowing ergometer test, according to a new human clinical study published in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.…

  • Dr. Derek Shrimpton Remembered As Pioneering Scientist

    July 20, 2011
    EHPM has announced the death of one of the leading consultants in nutrition and food, Derek Shrimpton, at the age of 83. Dr. Shrimpton was involved in the sector for more than 25 years, having been a scientific adviser to various European and interna…

  • Schiff Nutrition International: Scott Milsten

    July 20, 2011
    Schiff Nutrition International, Salt Lake City, UT, has named Scott Milsten senior vice president—general counsel and corporate secretary. He previously served as senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Celera Corporat…

  • India Nutraceuticals Market on the Rise

    July 20, 2011
    More than 200 experts from the fields of nutrition science, pharmacy and healthcare attended a conference in India in June to discuss the future of the country’s food supplement and nutraceuticals market as it continues to display fast growth,…

  • Provexis to Strengthen Heart Health Portfolio

    July 20, 2011
    Provexis plc has entered a development agreement with DSM Nutritional Products, Parsippany, NJ, to develop a new ingredient based on DSM-owned intellectual property. Provexis will develop the naturally-derived casein, progress through clinical trials…

  • BOOST Complete Nutritional Drink

    July 20, 2011
    Nestle Health Science, Florham Park, NJ, has reformulated its BOOST Complete Nutritional Drink, which contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 10 grams of protein. The product is designed to allow older adults to reach their daily nutr…

  • Whey Protein Improves Body Composition

    July 19, 2011
    New research demonstrates the ability of whey protein to help improve body weight and composition, when compared to consuming an equal amount of calories from carbohydrates.

  • NPA & FDA Discuss NDI Guidance in Recent Webinar

    July 18, 2011
    The Natural Products Association (NPA) held the dietary supplement industry’s first education session about the recently released New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) Draft Guidance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 11.

  • Fresh Opportunities in Functional Foods

    Fresh Opportunities in Functional Foods

    Sean Moloughney, Associate Editor || July 18, 2011
    Success in today’s functional foods market can be found at the crossroads of price, taste, awareness and efficacy.

  • Portobello Mushroom Powder

    July 15, 2011
    The Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI), a division of Dole Food Company, Inc., Westlake Village, CA, has released its first food product, Dole Portobello Mushroom Powder, an all-natural, plant-based source of vitamin D. The product is ideal for a variety…

  • Herbalife24

    July 15, 2011
    Herbalife, Los Angeles, CA, has launched its Herbalife24 product line, a comprehensive performance nutrition program designed to meet the nutritional needs of the 24-hour athlete. The line includes seven products designed to allow athletes to customi…

  • Nestlé Health Science Partners with Vital Foods

    July 15, 2011
    Focused on digestive health issues, Nestlé Health Science has become a strategic investor in New Zealand-based Vital Foods, taking a minority stake in the company. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

  • Food Labeling in Europe

    Food Labeling in Europe

    Joanna Cosgrove || July 14, 2011
    The European Food Safety Authority forges ahead with the tricky business of regulating food label claims.

  • Evolve

    July 13, 2011
    Swole Sports Nutrition, Delray Beach, FL, has released the latest version of its product Evolve, a proprietary, lean muscle formula that contains Arginine AKG, Beta Alanine, Kre-Alkalyn and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine to increase the quality and intensity…

  • Schiff Nutrition International: Jennifer Steeves-Kiss

    July 13, 2011
    Schiff Nutrition International, Salt Lake City, UT, has appointed Jennifer Steeves-Kiss senior vice president—chief marketing officer. Ms. Steeves-Kiss has led consumer products marketing and brand management teams for the past 17 years at Proc…

  • Cyvex Nutrition: Lauren Kamtan

    July 13, 2011
    Cyvex Nutrition, Irvine, CA, has hired Lauren Kamtan as customer service manager for the company's east coast clientele. In this new position, Ms. Kamtan will provide ongoing customer support and manage sales efforts for the company’s line…

  • Better Nutrition Made Simple

    July 13, 2011
    Red Gold, LLC, Nashville, TN, has launched eight new products designed to help K-12 school foodservice directors meet new, more stringent federal requirements for their school lunch menus. Under the umbrella phrase, Better Nutrition Made Simple, thes…

  • Folate May Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

    July 7, 2011
    Intake of high levels of folate may reduce colorectal cancer risk, according to a new study published in Gastroenterology, the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Institute. Folate is a water-soluble B vitamin that…

  • Bitter Taste, Sweet Potential

    Bitter Taste, Sweet Potential

    Joanna Cosgrove || July 7, 2011
    Researchers supercharge the compound responsible for bitterness of grapefruits with the goal of producing a supplement that could be helpful in the treatment of a variety of health conditions.

  • CRN Opposes ‘Duplicative Mandates’ for Supplement Manufacturers

    July 1, 2011
    The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., said it opposes S. 1310, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011, which was recently introduced by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL).

  • NDI Guidance Represents ‘Important Step’ for Industry

    July 1, 2011
    The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., said FDA’s pending release of the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) draft guidance, which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5), will provide clarity and an appropriate framework for introducing new products.

  • Baby Boom 2.0: Bulging at Both Ends

    Baby Boom 2.0: Bulging at Both Ends

    Sean Moloughney, Associate Editor || July 1, 2011
    I was eating Cheerios for breakfast one morning when I realized the box I bought came with a coupon for diapers. “Is my cereal trying to tell me something?” I wondered. At a barbecue recently I noticed the baby pool seemed a little more c…

  • Formulation Trends in Functional Foods & Beverages

    Formulation Trends in Functional Foods & Beverages

    Jeff Hilton, Partner & Co-Founder || July 1, 2011
    The functional food and beverage sector is benefiting from an endless array of ingredient options.

  • The Global Herbs & Botanicals Market

    The Global Herbs & Botanicals Market

    Julie Dennis, Contributing Writer || July 1, 2011
    Herbs and botanicals will continue to grow in popularity and sales, as long as consumers continue the trend of self-care.

  • The Nutraceutical Beverage Market: Thirsting for New Ideas

    The Nutraceutical Beverage Market: Thirsting for New Ideas

    Rebecca Wright, Editor || July 1, 2011
    New ideas have all but dried up for beverages, but the ‘natural’ trend may provide the point of differentiation brands need for future growth.

  • CK Nutritional Signs Distribution Agreements with ESM, Stratum

    July 1, 2011
    Focused on innovative ingredients that are supported by compelling value propositions, CK Nutritional Ingredients has signed distribution agreements for Canada with Stratum Nutrition, St. Charles, MO, and ESM Technologies, Carthage, MO. CK Nutritiona…

  • Study Shows Benefits of Higher EPA/DHA Intake

    July 1, 2011
    A new meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) demonstrates that 250 mg of EPA and DHA per day is merely a minimum requirement for reducing the risk of some coronary heart diseases, and that further benefits are derived from…

  • Magnesium Deficiency Reduces Effectiveness of Vitamin D

    July 1, 2011
    The effectiveness and benefits of vitamin D are greatly undermined in the absence of adequate levels of magnesium in the body, according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, magnesium expert and medical director of the non-profit Nutritional Magnesium Associ…

  • U.S. Herb Sales Grew More Than 3% in 2010

    July 1, 2011
    Sales of herbal dietary supplements in the U.S. increased 3.3% in 2010, reaching more than $5.2 billion, according to conclusions of a new report published in the current issue of HerbalGram, the non-profit American Botanical Council’s (ABC) qu…

  • $13 Million Provexis Acquisition Targets Sports Nutrition

    July 1, 2011
    U.K.-based Provexis plc has entered into a conditional agreement to purchase the entire issued share capital of SiS (Science in Sport) Limited, which manufactures and sells sports nutrition products, for a total consideration of £8 million. SiS…

  • Nestlé Health Science Acquires Prometheus Labs

    July 1, 2011
    Prometheus Laboratories Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic company based in San Diego, CA, has been acquired by Switzerland-based Nestlé Health Science S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. With the goal of pioneer…