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  • Whey Protein Improves Body Composition

    October 3, 2011
    Researchers tracked body weight, body composition and waist circumference data from 73 overweight and obese adults, who were assigned to consume a 200-calorie beverage, consisting of 28 grams of whey or soy protein plus carbohydrate or carbohydrate a…

  • Writing the Script for the Dietary Supplement Industry: A Tragedy or a Fairy-tale Ending?

    Writing the Script for the Dietary Supplement Industry: A Tragedy or a Fairy-tale Ending?

    Steve Mister, President & CEO || October 3, 2011
    Along with maturity comes the need to accept responsibility for consumers—and consumers need truthful advertising from dietary supplement companies.

  • Krill: The Ocean’s Gold

    Krill: The Ocean’s Gold

    Christina Beer, PhD || October 3, 2011
    Krill is one of the ocean’s greatest treasures and consumers are just beginning to appreciate its value too.

  • Digesting Important Gut Issues

    Digesting Important Gut Issues

    Lisa Schofield, Contributing Writer || October 3, 2011
    As consumers are inundated with a growing range of digestive ailments, marketers must be at the ready with products to help them make sense of it all.

  • Diving Deep into the Marine Nutraceuticals Market

    Diving Deep into the Marine Nutraceuticals Market

    Sean Moloughney, Associate Editor || October 3, 2011
    Consumers continue to ride the ocean’s waves to better health.

  • Testing & Research: A Dynamic Duo

    Testing & Research: A Dynamic Duo

    Rebecca Wright, Editor || October 3, 2011
    Appropriate investments in science are negligible, especially when companies have something worth protecting in the marketplace.

  • Digestive Ingredient Solutions

    Digestive Ingredient Solutions

    Lisa Schofield || October 3, 2011
    A brief overview of ingredients formulated for GI support.

  • Getting Ahead of the Curve: DHA, Omega 3, 6, 9

    Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan || October 1, 2011
    Fish oil/omega 3s are among the most sought after nutritional ingredients. In 2010, omega 3s became America’s third most popular dietary supplement, behind multi-vitamins and calcium

  • Aker BioMarine: Committed to Sustainability

    Aker BioMarine: Committed to Sustainability

    Sean Moloughney || October 1, 2011
    As an integrated biotechnology company that supplies biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain, Oslo, Norway-based Aker BioMarine ASA is uniquely positioned to deliver value-added solutions to the nutraceutical and aquaculture markets.

  • Living Large...And Blaming Someone Else for It

    Rebecca Wright || October 1, 2011
    The U.S. is a nation of excess—and contradictions. We love our unnecessarily large cars, our larger-than-life celebrities and a growing list of gadgets we just can’t do without.

  • Healthcare Practitioner Corner: Getting Weirder—and Possibly Better—By The Minute

    Healthcare Practitioner Corner: Getting Weirder—and Possibly Better—By The Minute

    Erik Goldman || October 1, 2011
    We’re not going to improve the health of our country by counting pills or teaching amusement-park management skills to the people that run our hospitals.

  • Word from Wall Street: A Bit of Chaos & Randomness

    Word from Wall Street: A Bit of Chaos & Randomness

    Adam Ismail || October 1, 2011
    Will nutraceuticals once again buck the broader economic trends?

  • An Interview with Robert Thompson

    An Interview with Robert Thompson

    Sheldon Baker || September 30, 2011
    Robert Thompson is board chairman of Algae Biosciences, Inc. and chairman of the board of QuoteMedia, Inc., a publicly traded company, as well as managing director of CanAm Capital Partners LLC, a corporate finance advisory firm, and president of Corpus Investments Inc., a private holding company.

  • Low Omega 3 Levels Linked to Suicide Risk

    Low Omega 3 Levels Linked to Suicide Risk

    Joanna Cosgrove || September 29, 2011
    Researchers say DHA in particular could be a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to the rising suicide rate of military personnel.

  • CRN Reacts to JAMA Study on Saw Palmetto

    September 28, 2011
    In response to the published study, “Effect of Increasing Doses of Saw Palmetto Extract on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms,” published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., issued a statement.

  • Sabinsa Opens Office in South Korea

    September 28, 2011
    Continuing its global expansion, Sabinsa Corporation, East Windsor, NJ, has opened an office in Seoul, South Korea. The new office joins Sabinsa locations in Europe, China, Australia, South Africa, Japan, two U.S. offices and seven facilities in Indi…

  • Survey Finds More Healthy Foods and Nutrients in U.S. Diets

    September 27, 2011
    People are eating more vegetables, fish, chicken and whole-grain foods, while decreasing the amount of foods they eat containing trans fats, according to the American Dietetic Association’s public opinion survey “Nutrition and You: Trends 2011.”

  • Heart-Check Mark Standards Expanded to Healthy Fats

    September 26, 2011
    The American Heart Association is expanding and improving its Heart-Check Food Certification Program to allow certification of more foods with healthier fats, including fish, nuts and other foods higher in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The association is also revising sodium allowances and implementing screening guidelines to limit added sugars and promote dietary fiber in certified products.

  • American Dietetic Association Becomes Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    September 26, 2011
    The American Dietetic Association, the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, will change its name effective January 2012 to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Greenbrier Adds Wellness Campus

    Greenbrier Adds Wellness Campus

    Joanna Cosgrove || September 26, 2011
    Centuries-old resort wants to transform healthcare by creating the ultimate wellness destination.

  • An Interview with Dr. Tom Potisk

    An Interview with Dr. Tom Potisk

    Sheldon Baker || September 23, 2011
    One of America’s top natural healthcare practitioners, Dr. Tom Potisk is a leader in his field. He was elected Chiropractor of the Year, is published and lectures extensively in his community, helps thousands of patients in the holistic practice he began in 1985, and has presented a research case study at a conference in Paris, France.

  • CLA Market Approaches $200 Million

    CLA Market Approaches $200 Million

    Joanna Cosgrove || September 22, 2011
    Sales of the popular weight management supplement seem to be growing in step with the global obesity epidemic.

  • CRN Says NDI Burden Exceeds FDA Estimate

    September 20, 2011
    FDA has grossly underestimated the burden of its New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification process on the dietary supplement industry in terms of time resources, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., which submitted comments to the Office of Management and Budget.

  • Roquette Opens Innovation Center

    September 20, 2011
    Offering customers the ability to create and enhance products for the nutrition, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bio-chemical market segments, Roquette America has opened its Roquette Innovation Center in Geneva, IL. The center will complement fac…

  • Stryka Botanics: Michael Sophinos

    September 19, 2011
    Michael Sophinos has joined Stryka Botanics, Hillsborough, NJ, as account manager. He will be responsible for increasing the company’s sales and market presence throughout the nutritional industry.…

  • Chicken Feed, Eggs & Cholesterol

    Chicken Feed, Eggs & Cholesterol

    Joanna Cosgrove || September 19, 2011
    Israeli researchers are working to decode how chicken feed influences cholesterol levels after egg consumption.

  • An Interview with Sharrann Simmons

    An Interview with Sharrann Simmons

    Sheldon Baker || September 16, 2011
    Sharrann Simmons has more than 20 years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. She is currently the director of product marketing for Silliker, Inc., a Merieux NutriSciences Company. Silliker is a global leader in food safety and quality, and serves as a trusted partner to assure food quality, safety, and better nutrition across the supply chain worldwide.

  • Harvard Researchers Offer Their Take on a Healthy Plate

    September 15, 2011
    Nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) in conjunction with colleagues at Harvard Health Publications have unveiled the Healthy Eating Plate, a visual guide that provides a blueprint for eating a healthy meal. Like the U.S. government’s MyPlate, the Healthy Eating Plate is simple and easy to understand—and it addresses what researchers claim are important deficiencies in the MyPlate icon.

  • Research Partnership Focuses on Dairy

    September 15, 2011
    The Dairy Research Institute, Rosemont, IL, and Cornell University have established a partnership with the Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center. The center, located at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, will focus on fluid milk and dairy ingredient r…

  • DSM Sells Personalized Nutrition to Viocare

    September 15, 2011
    Royal DSM has sold DSM Personalized Nutrition, LLC to Viocare, Inc., Princeton, NJ. DSM will remain involved in the business as a minority shareholder in Viocare through DSM Venturing. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Persona…

  • Food Intolerance Products: Gluten Out, Nutrition In

    Food Intolerance Products: Gluten Out, Nutrition In

    Claire Moulin, Euromonitor Analyst || September 15, 2011
    Gluten-free is a huge craze in packaged food today: you see it in stores, you hear about it on TV and you read about it on the internet and in your newspaper. Strong media coverage in both traditional and new social media, together with increasing he…

  • The Art of Raising Capital

    The Art of Raising Capital

    Steve Allen of Nutrition Capital Network || September 15, 2011
    Earlier this year we saw how easy it seemed for technology companies, including the earliest start-ups, to attract investors—often at stratospheric valuations. Meanwhile entrepreneurs in the nutrition and health and wellness industry continue…

  • 2011 Beauty Ingredients Directory

    2011 Beauty Ingredients Directory

    Nutraceuticals World & HAPPI Staff || September 15, 2011
    Suppliers share ingredient offerings suitable for both topical and oral formulations.

  • Interior Motives

    Interior Motives

    Melissa MeiselnAssociate Editor, HAPPI || September 15, 2011
    Today’s beauty supplements work from the inside out to promote beautiful, healthy skin, hair and nails.

  • The Beauty-Food Connection

    The Beauty-Food Connection

    Navin Geria, SpaDermaceuticals || September 15, 2011
    From broccoli to coffee berry to euphoria fruit—and everything in between—the link between beauty and diet is strong and growing stronger.

  • Today’s 360° Approach To Health & Beauty

    Today’s 360° Approach To Health & Beauty

    Susan Viamari, SymphonyIRI Times & Trends || September 15, 2011
    Consumers make health and wellness a priority, approaching it from all directions.

  • MarketWatch: The Latest Trends in Beauty I&O

    MarketWatch: The Latest Trends in Beauty I&O

    September 15, 2011
    The latest news and developments in the world of Beauty I&O products.

  • Magnesium is Key to Calcium Uptake

    September 14, 2011
    The British Medical Journal recently published a large analysis based on the results of five clinical trials conducted in the U.S., Great Britain and New Zealand that involved more than 8000 people.

  • DSM Rolling Martek into Nutritional Lipids Business

    || September 14, 2011
    DSM Nutritional Products, based in Switzerland, has formed its Nutritional Lipids business unit, which will combine Martek’s algal DHA omega 3 and ARA omega 6 products along with DSM Nutritional Products’ polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs…

  • CAM Services Offered at Growing Percentage of U.S. Hospitals

    September 13, 2011
    U.S. hospitals are responding to patient demand and integrating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services with the conventional services they normally provide, according to a new survey released by Health Forum, a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Samueli Institute.

  • Report Says Immunity Market Looks Healthy in Europe

    September 13, 2011
    The rising incidence of problems related to high blood pressure and weak immune system as well as the gravitation toward preventive healthcare is driving the European market for nutritional solutions in immune and antihypertensive health, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report.

  • Medicalized Food & Medical Nutrition 2011: The Emerging Market of Therapeutic Complements

  • 7th Nutrition & Health Claims Europe

  • Organic Center Reveals Nutritional Quality Index

    September 9, 2011
    The Organic Center (TOC), a research and education institute on the science of organic food and farming, has developed its new Nutritional Quality Index (TOC-NQI), which quantifies the nutrients provided in a given amount of food (a serving, 100 calo…

  • Sabinsa Receives Patent Related to Selenium Containing Dipeptides

    September 8, 2011
    Sabinsa Corporation, East Windsor, NJ, has obtained U.S. patent #8,003,614 B2, for an invention describing selenium containing dipeptides. The patent deals with the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications of small pepti…

  • Move Free Ultra

    Move Free Ultra

    September 8, 2011
    Schiff Nutrition International, Salt Lake City, UT, has added Move Free Ultra to its brand of products. The dietary supplement contains UC-II undenatured collagen, which offers unique joint health benefits at an efficacious once-a-day dose of 40 mg.…

  • BASF Launches Global Market Initiative for Nutrition Solutions

    September 8, 2011
    With Think Newtrition, BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany, has launched a new global market initiative to strengthen the company’s position as a partner and driving force in the food, beverages and dietary supplement market segments, while also aligni…

  • Bergstrom Nutrition Earns FSSC 22000 Registration

    September 8, 2011
    Bergstrom Nutrition, Vancouver, WA, has earned global food quality and safety registration FSSC 22000 for food safety and quality management systems. The FSSC registration means Bergstrom Nutrition has achieved all the requirements of ISO 22000 certi…

  • Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food

    September 8, 2011
    Hill's Pet Nutrition, Topeka, KS, has introduced Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food, which is formulated to help cats 11-years or older feel and act younger. The product contains an exclusive antioxidant bundle that helps def…

  • Convenient Meals Ready-Made for Diabetics

    Convenient Meals Ready-Made for Diabetics

    Joanna Cosgrove || September 8, 2011
    Freezer case meals are big on flavor, low in sodium and a healthy option for a variety of diet-specific conditions.