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Berryceuticals: Blackberry Extract’s Oral Health Benefits
By Fiona Young-Brown, Contributing Writer
Published September 1, 2014
Research shows Kentucky’s state fruit offers significant promise for a range of ailments. Read More »
Published October 29, 2013
Researchers have long been fascinated by the amla fruit, or Indian gooseberry. This comes as no surprise, since amla has been prized for centuries for its numerous healthful properties. Scientific evidence for two of those properties—amla&rsquo… Read More »
Quark: The Ultimate High-Protein Dairy Product?
By Diana Cowland, Health and Wellness Analyst, Euromonitor International
Published July 8, 2013
‘Better-for-you’ satiating dairy alternative capitalizing on protein craze. Read More »
Published May 30, 2013
While milk chocolate has long been the crowd favorite in the confectionery space, dark chocolate’s popularity is growing. Read More »
Published March 19, 2013
Experts from Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Brands, Inc., unveiled recent findings from two newly published human clinical studies that found MegaNatural grape seed extract to offer benefits to users with hypertension, high cholesterol an… Read More »
Balancing Marine Omega 3 Health Benefits Against Methyl Mercury Toxicity Risk
By Rob Winwood, Manager of Scientific Communications at DSM Nutritional Products
Published March 11, 2013
Mercury is well known for its toxic effects on humans, particularly in terms of cardiovascular disease and prevention of proper brain development in the fetus. Read More »
Red Palm Oil Goes Mainstream
By Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
Published February 18, 2013
An endorsement from Dr. Oz has catapulted red palm oil into one of the hottest dietary supplements of 2013. Read More »
Fizzy Lifting Drinks
By Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
Published January 30, 2012
KeVita’s sparkling beverages deliver probiotic benefits in a live, raw format. Read More »
Published November 1, 2010
Dr. Barry Sears, founder and chairman of Zone Labs, has said the key to benefits from consumption of fish or fish oil supplements are due to the EPA, not the DHA. “Expectant mothers have always been told that fish is brain food not only for th… Read More »
Published March 25, 2010
Universities in Italy, in conjunction with a team of doctors in the United States, have some health news that’s whetting the appetite of foodies around the world. Read More »
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