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Country Life Develops Organic Multivitamin from Fermented Foods
Published June 27, 2014
Country Life, Hauppauge, NY, has launched Realfood Organics, the only line of USDA certified organic whole food multivitamins made from fermented foods.    Ingredients used in the Realfood Organics product line include organic vegetables su… Read More »
Published February 21, 2013
RFI, Blauvelt, NY, has entered into a manufacturing, formulation and sales partnership with Ilhwa NA Inc. of Pearl River, NY, a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Korea’s ginseng company, Ilhwa Co Ltd.  Ilhwa manufactures GS15-4, a high-absor… Read More »
Published January 18, 2013
RFI, Blauvelt, NY, has launched a new line of fermented ingredients under the trademark name FermaPro, which includes fermented cereal grasses, vegetables, fruits, spices and seeds. The process of fermenting foods, both for preservation and to make t… Read More »
Fizzy Lifting Drinks
By Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
Published January 30, 2012
KeVita’s sparkling beverages deliver probiotic benefits in a live, raw format. Read More »
Published September 1, 2008
Essence of Life, Mount Kisco, NY, has unveiled Jiva Curcumin & Fermented Soy, a dietary supplement created using patented, proprietary technology that combines the nutritive values of fermented whole soy protein, curcumin and bioperine. This nutr… Read More »
Published April 1, 2008
Indication: Incidence/duration of cold and flu Source: Urologic Nursing, February 22, 2008;28(1):50-5. Research: This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted during an acute 12-week period of the year for col… Read More »
Published January 1, 2005
After successful completion of a controlled human clinical trial, Degussa Food Ingredients has launched a new ingredient in Europe, North America and Asia to address the rising rate of overweight and obesity, and the related rise in unbalanced blood… Read More »
Published June 1, 2002
Fermented Aglycone Soy Isoflavones FutureCeuticals has introduced fermented aglycone soy isoflavones for use in the fortification of beverages, bars and snacks. Algycone Soy Isoflavones are also available in a patented Micro Emulsion form, which all… Read More »
Published March 1, 2002
Indication: Hypertension Source: Am J Clin Nutr 2003 Feb;77(2):326-30. Research: In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, 39 hypertensive patients received 150 ml/d of either L. helveticus LBK-16H fermented milk or a control product for 21 we… Read More »
Rootology: Breathe Free Targets Springtime Allergies
Published April 3, 2014
A new, all-natural formulation based on Chinese Herbology, called Rootology: Breathe Free, aims to control springtime allergy symptoms in a way most Americans have not experienced.   "Rootology is a blend of 13 concentrated herbal extracts… Read More »
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