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Published January 28, 2015
Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium and microalgae are all positioned for growth. Read More »
Published January 28, 2015
GoodBelly, Boulder, CO, a line of probiotic drinks designed to naturally renew digestive health, has unveiled new packaging for its complete line of products: By The Glass Multi-Serving Cartons, PlusShot, SuperShot and StraightShot. The updated packa… Read More »
Published January 27, 2015
Sens. Brown and Blumenthal lead group in writing to FDA in support of citizen petition. Read More »
Published January 26, 2015
Heart health was most popular active health claim globally. Read More »
Transforming Wasted Food into Valuable Resources
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published January 26, 2015
CPI project converts food waste into renewable hydrogen and graphene. Read More »
Published January 23, 2015
Single doses of 200 mg do not raise safety concerns for adults. Read More »
Published January 22, 2015
Market characterized by new product development in terms of higher nutritional value and unique formula claims. Read More »
Published January 16, 2015
Taking Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine after endurance exercise increases athletes’ reaction times and cognitive function when compared to no hydration, according to a study published in the European Journal of Sport Science.   In the stu… Read More »
Published January 16, 2015
Company advances strategy of connecting with young entrepreneurs. Read More »
Published January 15, 2015
Researchers claim nutrient content and marketing are out of tune with dietary needs and conventional nutritional science. Read More »
Published January 14, 2015
Vitafoods Europe will once again return to Palexpo, Geneva from the 5-7 May 2015, with visitors descending on the exhibition to source new suppliers and take advantage of the educational and business opportunities at the event.   Over 14,000 v… Read More »
Published January 8, 2015
Monounsaturated fat, fiber, phytosterols and other bioactives in avocados may benefit risk factors. Read More »
Mamma Chia Debuts Granola Clusters & Clean Energy Drink
Published January 8, 2015
Mamma Chia, Carlsbad, CA, has created new Chia Vitality Granola Clusters.   Each crunchy granola cluster contains nutrient-rich chia seeds, whole rolled oats, wild blueberries or toasted nuts, and is naturally sweetened with honey and molasses… Read More »
Published January 6, 2015
Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc., Las Vegas, NV, has appointed James L. Robinson as president and chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors effective December 31, 2014.   Mr. Robinson brings more than 35 years of relevant ind… Read More »
Snacks & Bars: Reflections of A New Food Culture
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published January 5, 2015
Convenience, health and taste drive an evolving category ripe for innovation. Read More »
Minerals: Elements for Good Health
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published January 5, 2015
These essential nutrients still offer a wealth of opportunities. Read More »
Nutritional Interventions for the Aging Process
By Gregory Stephens, RD and Sandy Bigelow, PhD, Windrose Partners and Vanguard Global Associates LLC
Published January 5, 2015
Baby Boomers want more nutraceutical ingredients in their everyday foods and beverages. Read More »
Published January 5, 2015
Compound Solutions has debuted its new ingredient TeaCrine, a pure, nature-identical, patent-pending form of theacrine, a purine alkaloid found primarily in Camellia kucha tea leaves. With a molecular structure similar to caffeine, studies have shown… Read More »
Published January 4, 2015
Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ), the co-chair of the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus, narrowly beat out Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) to replace vocal supplement industry critic Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) as the ranking Democrat on the House Energy and… Read More »
Published January 4, 2015
In 2013, the global market for functional waters grew by 10% in volume to 4.8 billion liters and by 8.5% in value to $6.5 billion, according to a report from food and drinks industry consultancy Zenith International. The report identified eight ke… Read More »
Published December 24, 2014
Denmark study shows one in five children aged 10-14 exceed recommended caffeine intake when they consume energy drinks. Read More »
Recent Improvements in X-Ray Technology for Food Inspection
By David Rizzo, Contributing Writer
Published December 23, 2014
New technologies like one-button auto learning simplifies operation, while plug-and-play replacement modules speed repairs. Read More »
Published December 21, 2014
Clean any tote or IBC in 2-7 minutes Read More »
Published December 20, 2014
Gamajet’s newest addition to their sanitary line is lightweight and powerful and features self-draining, self-flushing and self-lubricating capabilities. Designed completely with FDA-compliant materials, the Aseptic 8 is the answer to efficient… Read More »
Published December 18, 2014
According to an animal study recently published in Food and Function, total omega-3 uptake into tissues and plasma is equivalent between krill oil and the microalgae-sourced Almega PL.   In the study, rats were fed for seven days an omega… Read More »
Published December 15, 2014
DSM, in partnership with GeoPeak and Marina Energy, opened a solar field at their plant in Belvidere, New Jersey. In an event for local dignitaries, employees and business executives to switch on the solar field, DSM North American president Hugh Wel… Read More »
Published December 12, 2014
As the year comes to a close, Ecuadorian Rainforest, Belleville, NJ has chosen to spotlight the year’s best performing ingredients at the company’s inaugural Rainforest Awards. These ingredients have all performed exceptionally well in 20… Read More »
Published December 11, 2014
CRN suggests that dietary supplements can help enhance mood and increase energy. Read More »
Published December 11, 2014
Lawmakers discussed the safety, labeling and regulation of GMOs in the food chain. Read More »
minoTOR Sports Drink Features Sustamine
Published December 9, 2014
G3 Labs, New York, NY, is offering minoTOR, a ready-to-drink sports supplement that combines Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine with a blend of vitamins and other amino acids. minoTOR is a non-carbonated sports drink that combines 4.2G of amino acids, vi… Read More »
Published December 8, 2014
The State of New Jersey announced that DSM, with its North American headquarters in Parsippany, NJ, is a winner of the 2014 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award in the Healthy & Sustainable Business category. In Trenton, DSM and others… Read More »
Published December 3, 2014
Functional waters grew by 10% in volume to 4,800 million liters and by 8.5% in value to $6.5 billion. Read More »
Munk Pack Presents Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes for Adults
Published December 3, 2014
Munk Pack, a newly-launched company based in Greenwich, CT, has made its debut in the natural foods market, with the introduction of the first ready-to-eat oatmeal fruit squeeze snacks for adults.   Driven by the need for convenient, portable,… Read More »
Published December 1, 2014
On-the-go, convenient breakfast snacks are changing the way consumers start their day. Read More »
Published November 26, 2014
Energy and mood-enhancing sector is the market’s largest, worth an estimated $16.5 billion in 2013, according to Leatherhead. Read More »
Published November 26, 2014
Study showed 1 gram with breakfast improved memory of those with early stage diabetes and at risk of cognitive impairment. Read More »
GMOs: The Risk They Pose to Consumers
By Andre Leu, President, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Published November 21, 2014
Commercially released GMO plants have antibiotic resistance genes in every cell. They should be banned for this reason alone. Read More »
Published November 20, 2014
Qualitas Health, Imperial, TX, unveiled the launch of the first consumer products based upon Almega PL, marking the company’s transition from research and development into successful commercialization of the company’s premium algal omega-… Read More »
Published November 20, 2014
Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. to replace vocal supplement industry critic Rep. Henry Waxman. Read More »
Published November 19, 2014
Claims in Internet advertising were challenged by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Read More »
Vitalicious Presents the EnergyLoaf
Published November 19, 2014
Adding to the Vitalicious family of breakfasts and snacks, the NYC-based company has introduced the EnergyLoaf. Combining fiber, protein and B vitamins, each EnergyLoaf helps provide sustained, balanced energy throughout the day. The product fea… Read More »
Published November 10, 2014
Growing Republican power may reshape key congressional committees for the dietary supplement industry. Read More »
Published November 7, 2014
Added sugars provided 300 calories per day to the diets of U.S adults from 2009-2010. Read More »
Breakfast Skews Toward Snacks
Published November 5, 2014
On-the-go, convenient breakfast snacks are changing the way consumers start their day. Read More »
Published November 3, 2014
Global market research company Euromonitor International released new data on the health and wellness industry, which has grown by 6.75% in current value terms, reaching $774 billion in 2014. “Healthy foods and beverages are once again outpe… Read More »
Form & Function: Focusing on Delivery & Bioavailability
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published November 3, 2014
Convenience, choice and sensory experience drive consumer interest. Read More »
Fats for Life
By Alan Richman, Contributing Writer
Published November 3, 2014
The essential fatty acids described here are critical to both life and health. Read More »
Key Trends in Functional Foods & Beverages for 2015
By Julian Mellentin, New Nutrition Business
Published November 3, 2014
Understanding and connecting multiple trends can lead to long-term market success. Read More »
Insights on the Gluten-Free Market
By Greg Stephens, RD, Windrose Partners
Published November 3, 2014
Once believed to be a passing fad, the gluten-free foods category has evolved to become a mainstream star. Read More »
Les Mills Introduces New Sports Nutrition Product
Published October 30, 2014
Fitness company and creator of BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT and LES MILLS GRIT workouts, Les Mills, San Francisco, CA, has added a new sport nutrition product to its offerings.   LES MILLS Good Protein powder is low carbohydrate and contains only six… Read More »
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