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Testing Trends & Takeaways
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published October 1, 2013
Is the nutraceuticals industry passing its most critical assessments and how can companies improve? Read More »
Published September 19, 2013
Included in the HerbalGram article is a table of seven basic tips for selecting a contract laboratory, as well as a number of warning signs of potential dry labs. Read More »
By Paula Brown
Published September 1, 2009
Reviewing important information on method validation and the organizations that can help. Read More »
Published April 1, 2007
The Flax Lignan Association recently announced the validation of a standardized method for analyzing the content of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG), the major lignan found in flaxseed ingredients. The method is HPLC-based and has been validate… Read More »
By Mark Roman
Published November 1, 2005
Developing 'gold standard' analytical methods for dietary supplements will level the playing field for companies and further legitimize the business. Read More »
By Darryl Sullivan
Published November 1, 2005
There are several things you need to know before approaching a contract analytical lab about testing your nutraceutical product. Read More »
Published February 5, 2015
To provide a nourishing solution to the growing number of Americans concerned with maintaining brain health and cognition, HP Ingredients has launched NeuroActin, a patent-pending and proprietary extract of Andrographis paniculata. NeuroActinis stand… Read More »
Published February 4, 2015
EGCG may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Read More »
DREAM Brand Adds Coconut-Based Yogurt
Published January 30, 2015
DREAM brand has added a new line of COCONUT DREAM Non-Dairy Yogurt. The line includes Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry flavors. This non-dairy yogurt is made from real coconuts, is high in calcium, low in sodium and contains live a… Read More »
Published January 21, 2015
Mini’s from Taura Natural Ingredients offers real fruit in ultra-fine pieces, which are now available for manufacturers across Europe and the U.S.   As tiny as a grain of quinoa, Mini’s is a range of extremely small fruit pieces de… Read More »
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