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September 13, 2012
NattoPharma, Oslo, Norway, international supplier of MenaQ7 and leader in the health effects of vitamin K-2, has announced it will expand its portfolio as a result of extended research and development, which led the ingredient innovator to develop ne…  Read More »
Whey Protein Powder from Arla Foods
September 5, 2012
Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled Lacprodan DI-7017, a pure whey protein concentrate that is stable in ultra-high temperature (UHT) formulations at neutral pH, representing a first in the market for clinical nutrition RTD beverages. Available in po…  Read More »
September 4, 2012
Howaru Protect, part of the DuPont Danisco range of probiotics, has released details on a human clinical trial in Australia showing that the positive immune response in children treated with probiotics could also be observed in adults. The study recr…  Read More »
August 7, 2012
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has introduced Clarisoy 150, as an extension of their existing Clarisoy product line. Clarisoy 150 is the first vegetable-based protein that offers clarity and complete protein nutrition for beverage applications.…  Read More »
Inte-Fit Hybrid Gloves
August 7, 2012
Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS), a division of Inteplast, has developed a new disposable plastic glove with the launch of Inte-Fit Hybrid Gloves. The new hybrid gloves are made from a special formula with a unique polymer blend that gives them extra…  Read More »
August 6, 2012
Virginia Dare has introduced a new black tea (Camellia sinensis) concentrate for ready-to-drink (RTD) product applications. Tea concentrate TT99 was created to provide the full tea flavor consumers expect of a RTD tea, while eliminating the need to u…  Read More »
August 1, 2012
A complete range of European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) approved red yeast rice, or Monascus purpureus, ingredients have been developed by ProTec Nutra for use in food supplements and the fortification of food products. ProTec Nutra will distribute th…  Read More »
August 1, 2012
Glenroy, Inc., has introduced HPC, a high-performance tie layer technology for foil-based flexible packaging. HPC (High Performance Component) features impressive chemical resistance, high-performance oxygen and moisture barrier properties, superior…  Read More »
July 30, 2012
Package All Corporation has announced the launch of their new website.  The website highlights an easy-to-use interactive product catalog, searchable by material, type, capacity and industry. Package All’s home page showcases new products,…  Read More »
July 30, 2012
GEA Procomac has launched its Fluens 2000, the new low in-feed, non-robotised, palletiser, single head and single pallet. The new palletiser, which is considered to be much faster and easier to operate than its predecessors, has out-performed even it…  Read More »
July 24, 2012
The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) has released its quality control standards and therapeutic compendium for the botanical dietary supplement ingredients blue cohosh root and rhizome (Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx. and C. giganteum (Farw…  Read More »
July 24, 2012
Sports nutrition ingredient ZMA was awarded a European community trademark for use in food supplements. Filed by SNAC System on August 10, 2010, the trademark applies to the ZMA logo and name when used in food supplement products. The anabolic suppor…  Read More »
July 24, 2012
American Ingredients, Inc., a division of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., has announced it is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Pomanox natural pomegranate extract, developed by Probeltebio, located in Spain. Pomanox, a natural organic-certified pome…  Read More »
June 18, 2012
Taiyo GmbH has launched a bitter-free green tea extract, Sunphenon XLB-100, which delivers the full benefit of green tea to any beverage application and removes the characteristic bitter taste often associated with green tea. Taiyo’s Sun range…  Read More »
June 18, 2012
DSM has launched Tolerase L, a digestive aid for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Tolerase L is an acid lactase that converts lactose, a milk sugar naturally present in dairy products, into glucose and galactose. Around half of the world&r…  Read More »

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