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October 19, 2012
Milk Specialties Global Human Nutrition Division has released three new offerings to the nutraceuticals market. The company has unveiled the following: Whey Protein Hydrolysate powder for tablets; ProBarProtein Powder for High Protein Bars, an all da…  Read More »
October 18, 2012
GCI Nutrients is offering three new DHA omega 3 fatty acid formulas under its DHA3 Sure product line. The new formulas include DHA-3 Sure DHA 35% Oil from Microalgae, DHA-3 Sure DHA 17.5% Oil Powder from Microalgae, and DHA-3 Sure Water-Soluble. Both…  Read More »
October 15, 2012
Cactus Botanics has introduced Allicin, an active compound found naturally in garlic. The ingredient helps support a healthy immune system by defending our bodies in a similar way it defends garlic plants. When the garlic plant is attacked or damaged…  Read More »
Probiotic Lozenges To Support Tooth and Gum Health
October 11, 2012
BLIS Technologies has introduced a new probiotic-based approach to managing dental and tooth decay. The company’s new product, BLIS 18, is a patented oral probiotic providing advanced protection for the gums and teeth. BLIS M18’s peppermi…  Read More »
October 11, 2012
GC Rieber Oils has presented the global launch of its new VivoMega 70 DHA Ultra omega 3 concentrate.The new VivoMega 70 DHA Ultra is the company’s first 90% total omega 3 fish oil concentrate. It has been formulated with a min 650 mg/g DHA as t…  Read More »
October 9, 2012
Creator and supplier of Dr. Shahani’s probiotic L. acidophilus, Nebraska Cultures, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, has launched ProDURA, a specific strain of Bacillus coagulans. ProDURA is an unusual probiotic strain of spore-forming bacterium, with a…  Read More »
October 9, 2012
Slovenia-based company Vitiva has opened Vitiva Analytical Services to offer analytical, applications and R&D services. The new service is part of Vitiva’s recently unveiled New Innovation Center. Product and ingredient system analysis, con…  Read More »
October 5, 2012
To support consumers concerned with healthy blood glucose levels, Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., Kearney, NJ has launched Prenulin, a patent pending combination of a specific form of L-arabinose combined with chromium. The new formula is suitable for…  Read More »
October 4, 2012
Based on the success of its formulas LALMIN Immune and LALMIN Beauty, Montreal-based Lallemand Health Solutions has formulated several new custom solutions to address specific growing health markets. LALMIN is a range of inactivated whole-cell yeast…  Read More »
October 4, 2012
NP Nutra Gardena, CA, has announced the debut of its new Jabuticaba Fruit Juice Ingredient, which comes as a fine pinkish powder, and is ready for use in juices, candy, flavored yogurt, supplements and functional products. The rare Brazilian fruit ha…  Read More »
October 2, 2012
DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed a new FIBERline enzyme complex from the DuPont Danisco ingredient range, so that bakers can respond to market demands for cleaner label products. FIBERline aims to add fiber to whole meal bread, without com…  Read More »
October 2, 2012
A high-quality Green Coffee Bean extract has been added to the variety of products available from Stryka Botanics. The beverage grade, water-soluble nutritional ingredient can be added to any specialty beverage or soft drink. Stryka’s Green Cof…  Read More »
September 28, 2012
The peer-reviewed quarterly journal, HerbalGram, from the non-profit American Botanical Council (ABC), Austin, TX, has announced that it has converted its latest issues into full-color, digital flip-page versions for smart phone and tablet users. The…  Read More »
September 21, 2012
The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., has released its report, The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements (4th Edition).  The updated book, which assesses the current state of the science on the health benefits as…  Read More »
September 20, 2012
The International Stevia Council (ISC), Brussels, Belgium, has reinforced its educational role with the publication of two new tools enhancing the understanding of stevia as a non-caloric sweetener from a natural origin. The ISC has an…  Read More »

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