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July/August 2014 Issue
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Another Vote for Vitamin D
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 14, 2013
Maternal vitamin D levels deemed critical for optimum brain development in babies.  Read More »
Forecasting the Future of Organic Products
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 11, 2013
QAI looks long range, with a 10-year prediction of what industry stakeholders can expect.  Read More »
Caffeine Supplements and the Risk to Military Personnel
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 7, 2013
Caffeine is an important energy resource for servicemen and women but researchers have uncovered mislabeled caffeine supplements sold on U.S. military bases.  Read More »
iTube Smart Sizes Lab Quality Food Allergy Detection
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 4, 2013
UCLA researchers create a portable device that pairs with a cell phone to detect common food allergens and much more.  Read More »
Vitamin B12 & Cognitive Decline
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 31, 2013
Tufts University researchers link vitamin B 12 deficiency to cognitive decline and dementia in aging adults.  Read More »
Trends in Food Formulating
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 28, 2013
Univar’s Rick Richard talks to Nutraceuticals World about fiber fortification and gluten free foods - two trends he feels will define the food formulating landscape in 2013.  Read More »
Project Peanut Butter
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 24, 2013
Arla Foods teams with humanitarian organization to study the health benefits of whey in the treatment of children with acute malnutrition.  Read More »
USP Seeks Standards Input
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 21, 2013
Krill oil, stevia and caffeine are among the latest ingredients with proposed Food Chemicals Codex revisions. The comment period is open now.  Read More »
Vitamin C Proves Promising for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 17, 2013
Riordan Clinic scientists find high dose of intravenous vitamin C eases the pain and inflammation associated with the major inflammatory joint disease.  Read More »
Weight Loss Round Up
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 14, 2013
A look into the many ways Americans are trying to fight the battle of the bulge.  Read More »
Unlocking the Global Health Potential of Rice Bran
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 10, 2013
Researchers at Colorado State University are in the early stages of understanding the beneficial mechanisms of rice bran in an innovative food-as-medicine endeavor that’s earned grant funding from the Gates Foundation.  Read More »
FTC Evaluates Foods Marketed to Kids
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 7, 2013
FTC report applauds food and beverage industry in promoting healthier choices, but with marketing dollars moving from TV to online/mobile, there's still room for improvement.  Read More »
Attacking Obesity through Gut Sensory Modulation
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
January 3, 2013
Elcelyx Therapeutics’ proprietary approach to weight loss combines drug-like efficacy with food-like safety in supplement form.  Read More »
Old Fashioned Techniques for a Digital World
Amanda Baltazar, Contributing Writer
January 1, 2013
Social media allows for greater engagement with customers.   Read More »
Twist for Better Taste
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
December 27, 2012
Tea of a Kind features a unique closure system that guarantees freshness by mixing beverages on demand.  Read More »

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