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Preventative Care Spotlight: Reducing Healthcare Costs with the Cleveland Clinic
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
June 13, 2013
Dr. Mike Roizen of the Dr. Oz. Show discussed how improving the health and social culture of the Cleveland Clinic decreased insurance costs for its employees.   Read More »
Waste Not, Want Not
Sean Moloughney, Editor
June 6, 2013
Food waste under scrutiny as U.S. government calls on industry to reduce, recover and recycle.  Read More »
Consumer Health Perceptions Don’t Match Reality
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
May 28, 2013
IFIC Foundation’s 2013 Food & Health Survey finds that Americans are confident they have control of their health and diet, yet rate their eating habits as a 'B-Minus.'  Read More »
Aging Consumers Offer Ripe Opportunities in Nutrition
Sean Moloughney, Editor
May 22, 2013
Mintel reported on the health concerns of the aging population and their nutritional needs.  Read More »
Zindol Anti-Emetic Earns Patent
Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor
April 8, 2013
Aphios’ ginger-based product is granted a U.S. patent for its ability to combat chemotherapy-induced nausea.  Read More »
Feeding the World
Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor
April 1, 2013
GAIN-funded initiative ranks the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers’ efforts to combat global conditions of obesity and under-nutrition.   Read More »
The State of U.S. Diets
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 25, 2013
Studies find dietary disparities among age and ethnic groups, and suggest tweaks to the current Nutrition Facts label could yield increasingly positive dietary habits.  Read More »
Safer Sports Supplements
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 21, 2013
The industry continues to band together to ensure the purity and credibility of sports supplements.  Read More »
Gut Bacteria Discovery Holds Promise for Future Cardiovascular Drugs
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 18, 2013
Swedish researchers connect the dots linking gut microbiota influence on cholesterol via the bile acid regulation process.  Read More »
The New Breed of Drinkable Breakfasts
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 14, 2013
Marketers continue to deliver unique breakfast options to time-crunched consumers craving breakfasts that are portable and healthy.  Read More »
Taste Preferences & Impact on Health
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 11, 2013
IFT study finds those who prefer sweet tasting foods over bitter might be more prone to metabolic syndrome.  Read More »
CPG Frugality Continues into 2013
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
March 7, 2013
SymphonyIRI report recaps 2012 CPG trends and predicts trends for 2013.  Read More »
Antioxidant Directory 2013
Nutraceuticals World Staff
March 4, 2013
From Astaxanthin to Zinc, suppliers offer an expanding range of antioxidant ingredients suited for every product type.  Read More »
Mother Knows Best
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 28, 2013
A survey of more than 1,000 moms uncovers top food purchasing drivers.  Read More »
Contaminant Testing with USP
Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor
February 25, 2013
PerkinElmer’s Tim Cuff breaks down what the implementation of USP<2232> means to nutritional supplement manufacturers.  Read More »

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