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April 2014 Issue
Last Updated Friday, April 18 2014
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Reporting AERs to Liability Insurers
Greg Doherty, Poms & Associates
May 1, 2013
Adverse events associated with dietary supplements continue to be under-reported.  Read More »
Press Statements & Implied Claims
Douglas Kalman, PhD, MS, RD, CCRC, FACN, Miami Research Associates
May 1, 2013
News releases on unpublished studies may be considered advertising and could be subject to FTC oversight.  Read More »
Business Insights: Open Innovation in Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods: Part 2
Greg Stephens, Windrose Partners, & Audrey Holocher, storied research Inc.
April 1, 2013
Industry insiders offer insights into the challenges and opportunities involved with open innovation.  Read More »
Capitol Comments: Prop 65: A ‘Naturally Occurring’ Case
Todd Harrison & Erin Seder, Venable
April 1, 2013
Dietary supplement companies should secure better, more traceable supply chains if they intend to argue lead or other chemicals in their products occur naturally.  Read More »
Eurotrends: European Health Claims: The First Consequences
Joerg Gruenwald, analyze & realize ag
April 1, 2013
With certain products becoming unmarketable due to illegal label claims, and watchdog authorities beginning to enforce the law, manufacturers will have to adapt.  Read More »
Botanical Basics: Botanical Extracts: Not Single Chemical Ingredients
Steven Dentali, PhD, American Herbal Products Association
April 1, 2013
Understanding botanical extracts requires understanding solvents, extract ratios and extract semi-purification.  Read More »
Erik Goldman, Holistic Primary Care
March 1, 2013
These tips from industry insiders will help you navigate the complex landscape of the healthcare practitioner channel.  Read More »
Greg Doherty, Poms & Associates
March 1, 2013
Careful attention to details about your insurance plan will protect your company from the unexpected.  Read More »
Douglas Kalman, PhD, MS, RD, CCRC, FACN
March 1, 2013
Well-designed clinical trials on ingredients and finished products should create the foundation for marketing to consumers.  Read More »
Botanical Basics: Botanicals—Not Your Simple Chemical Ingredients
Steven Dentali, PhD
January 1, 2013
Understanding the complexity of botanicals and their identification requires an understanding of a few basic principles.  Read More »
Eurotrends: European Health Claim Regulation Takes Effect
Joerg Gruenwald
January 1, 2013
Limits placed on claims for foods and supplements, as well as many sports nutrition products.   Read More »
Capitol Comments: Regulating Natural Sweeteners: Stevia, Luo Han Guo & Agave
Todd Harrison & Erin Seder
January 1, 2013
Companies manufacturing, marketing and/or distributing these products must fully understand nuanced regulations related to safety and use.  Read More »
Business Insights: Open Innovation in Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods
Gregory Stephens, RD & Audrey Holocher
January 1, 2013
An open business model that shares ideas and technologies may offer industry companies significant benefits.  Read More »
The Research Process: The Case of the Negative Research Study
Douglas Kalman, PhD, MS, RD, CCRC, FACN
December 5, 2012
Study design has serious implications for a product’s standing in the marketplace.  Read More »
From the Corners of the World: Key Elements to Product Development Success or Failure
Paul Altaffer & Grant Washington-Smith
December 5, 2012
From strength of science to a passionate attitude, business leaders share their perspectives on a winning formula to product success.   Read More »

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