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October 2014 Issue
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Notes on Novel Foods
Joerg Gruenwald, President, analyze & realize ag
November 1, 2013
Safety assessments are essential for manufacturers in order to market new ingredients successfully.   Read More »
Building Better Botanical Ingredient Documentation
Donna Webster, PhD & Steven Dentali, PhD, Herbalife
November 1, 2013
Doubtless you have heard ‘if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.’ What should you have in writing when it comes to botanical ingredients?  Read More »
Monsanto Takes Healthcare Conference Out for a ‘Spin’
Erik Goldman, co-founder and editor, Holistic Primary Care
October 1, 2013
A few months ago I received a master class in how the Big Boys play the spin game.   Read More »
Product Liability Insurance Basics: An Update
Greg Doherty, Poms & Associates
October 1, 2013
Here are some important tips to ensuring your company gets the best coverage.  Read More »
Pharmaceuticals & Dietary Supplements Converge
Gregory Stephens, RD, Windrose Partners
September 9, 2013
It appears the relationship between these two markets may not be as adversarial as it was in years past.  Read More »
Foreign Supplier Verification
Todd Harrison, Erin Seder & Matthew Rabinowitz, Venable
September 9, 2013
FDA has issued a proposed regulation detailing requirements for importers of food, including dietary supplements.   Read More »
European Health Claim Regulation: Unifying the EU?
Joerg Gruenwald, analyze & realize ag
September 9, 2013
Absence of guidance regarding the regulatory status of botanicals continues to leave industry questions unanswered.  Read More »
Strength & Potency: Do You Know The Difference?
Steven Dentali, PhD, Herbalife International of America, Inc.
September 9, 2013
Constituent percent of extracts should be referred to as strength, with potency measurements to define the biological impact.  Read More »
Free Speech & Marketing
Douglas Kalman, PhD, MS, RD, CCRC, FACN, Miami Research Associates
July 1, 2013
When does the first amendment apply to marketing nutritional and drug products?  Read More »
Who Insures Goods at a Fulfillment House?
Greg Doherty, Poms & Associates
July 1, 2013
A dietary supplement company with raw materials or finished goods on the move has a duty to itself to make sure those items are insured.  Read More »
Online Resellers Damage Practitioner Value Proposition
Erik Goldman, Holistic Primary Care
July 1, 2013
Unauthorized resellers offering practitioner products directly to patients without clinician mediation present significant problems for companies built on the practitioner-only foundation.  Read More »
Convergence of the Health Practitioner Channel & Medical Foods
Gregory Stephens, RD, Windrose Partners
June 3, 2013
Medical foods continue to grow as a class of products, in tandem with health practitioner influence.  Read More »
Patent Litigation By Non-Practicing Entities Rising
Todd Harrison, Stefan Kirchanski, PhD, Daniel Silverman & Tamany Vinson Bentz, Venable
June 3, 2013
Over the past year, several new NPEs have emerged to file more than 100 patent infringement lawsuits against dietary supplement companies.  Read More »
Devising Innovative Products Without Health Claims
Joerg Gruenwald, analyze & realize ag
June 3, 2013
There are many ways to innovate product lines or to develop a completely new product within the restrictions of the Health Claims Directive.  Read More »
Identifying Botanical Ingredients
Steven Dentali, PhD, American Herbal Products Association
June 3, 2013
Whether herb powders, extracts or semi-purified preparations, identifying botanical ingredients requires some understanding.  Read More »

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