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July 23, 2014
According to FTC’s complaint, advertisements on TriVita's websites touted “Inflammation Relief without a Prescription.”  Read More »
July 22, 2014
Funds to assist with organic certification costs.  Read More »
July 22, 2014
Agency found statistically significant declines in sodium contents of several processed foods.  Read More »
July 22, 2014
According to the American Heart Association, 99 million Americans age 20 and older have elevated blood cholesterol levels.  Read More »
July 21, 2014
AHPA says the survey helps defend ongoing sustainable harvest of North American herbs.  Read More »
July 21, 2014
NAD & CRN questioned claims that suggest Provailen can be used to treat pain and manage arthritis.  Read More »
July 21, 2014
Study finds it may reduce risk of neurodegeneration and ensuing dementia.  Read More »
July 21, 2014
Private equity firm Kainos Capital acquires business for undisclosed amount.  Read More »
July 21, 2014
Report pinpoints key food systems 'leverage points' that hold the greatest the potential to boost global food security and protect the environment.  Read More »
July 11, 2014
Scientists will analyze genome sequence data to identify gene risk, protective factors.  Read More »
July 10, 2014
Adults with extreme obesity have increased risks of dying at a younger age from cancer and many other causes.  Read More »
Consumer Interest in Healthy Eating is on the Rise
July 9, 2014
A United Soybean Board survey finds healthy eating, reducing childhood obesity and increasing fruit and vegetable intake as top concerns for consumers.   Read More »
July 9, 2014
Deal will create one of the leading flavor and specialty ingredient companies in the world, with sales approaching $2.5 billion.  Read More »
July 9, 2014
Addition of eCommerce retailer expands company’s market reach.  Read More »
July 9, 2014
Transaction valued at approximately $8.55 billion.  Read More »

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